Tuesday, February 27, 2007

a sad lack of interesting content

You still haven't entered the contest?

so lately i've been in a blogging rut. i am *thisclose* to being finished with Rusted Root, but you're just gonna have to wait til it's all washed and blocked for photos, probably on Thursday.

i've been super happy about using up stash yarns. i think i might continue to stashbust with some smaller projects. i'm planning a spring bolero and a felted bag. maybe a crocheted tank. we'll see.

i think i'm off of socks for awhile. i still need to make the second roza's sock, but i just don't feel like it. if i don't complete 2 pairs of socks per month, the world probably won't end.

i received a package from pegotty. she was giving away a skein of Helen's Lace in blues/purples/greens. for FREEEE. i plan to make the icarus shawl. much thanks to janet for your generosity!

btw, i just signed up for my first swap-bot swap. today i decided that i am obsessed with felted bags, so i figured what the hey.

1 comment:

  1. See, I'm happy if I knit one pair of socks a month!

    Can't wait to see Rusted Root!



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