Thursday, February 15, 2007

no means no, but...

i haven't been knitting. but yesterday, spicy sends me an email asking me if i want a ride home from work. since there's a frickin' blizzard going on outside and i was having the shittiest day at work EVER, i happily accept. he picks me up and then says that he needs to stop by Wild Wools on the way home. he was taking me to a yarn store to buy me a skein of yarn. and when we got there, the store was closed. but it's the thought that counts.

i had told him months before that i don't believe in Icky Love Day because The Man can't tell me when i'm supposed to appreciate my significant other. and i really meant it. evidently when he was at work yesterday, people convinced him that i didn't really mean it and that he'd better get me something or else. so he said he tried to come up with ideas all day and settled on the yarn thing.

so it's kind of a good thing that the yarn store was closed because i didn't get him anything. we were supposed to bake cookies and that was it.

to get to the point, i hate gushing but i have the best boyfriend ever and now i really really need to finish his second sock, and make his kitty bed. he keeps asking about the non-existent kitty bed for Black Kitty. if i double-strand worsted wool for the kitty pi bed, i should be ok, right? and can i finish it by friday?


  1. Aww, that's sweet. But you gotta love how a whole office full of people thinks there's no way any woman could actually say she doesn't like VDay and mean it!

  2. Double stranding should totally work and it is doable by Friday! I finished about half of mine in the time it took to watch a movie...

    And is sounds like spicy is one great guy!

  3. Yep, all my Kitty Pi's I made by double stranding worsted. Works great! And you could do it by Friday, maybe...I think you're a faster knitter than me!

  4. They never do believe it, do they? "No, 'I don't want anything, and I'm not getting you anything' isn't code for 'surprise me!'

    But then again...awwwww. He was going to buy yarn for you. You DO have the best boyfriend ever.

  5. How sweet! I'm just picturing him surrounded by coworkers telling him, "no, dude, I'm telling you, she really does want something..."



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