Wednesday, February 28, 2007

my laundry situation is dire's your last day to enter the contest

the last time i tried to do a load of laundry, i found that the dryer was in pieces. i figured that somebody was working on it, so i postponed doing laundry until it was fixed. well, i haven't checked again out of laziness, and i am officially scraping the bottom of the underwear drawer and i had to wear this dress to work because i have no other clean clothes. normally i wear jeans. no one cares what i look like. i'm looking a bit out of place today, but what can you do? the dress is shorter than it used to be. i'm gonna say it's due to washing, but it's probably really due to the extra ten pounds i put on this winter.

at any rate it appears that i won't be finishing any felted bags before i have to do laundry, not that i've started any. i am filled to the brim with ideas, though.

rusted root is blocking, and it looks quite nice if i do say so myself.


  1. I think I entered? I hope so!

    I did. I remember....

    Sucks about the laundry.

    Hope it's fixed soon, and I'm waiting for Rusted Root!

  2. That dress is not only cute, but the height of fashion. Take a look at the Nordstrom site, dresses category!

    Hey, lazybones! Hardly. You do more in an hour than I do in a week!

  3. I think that dress is so pretty. Did all your coworkers comment on it? I have got to learn to sew...what kind of machine do you have? Looking forward to the rusted root pics.

  4. I need to do laundry too, but only my own laziness prevents me from doing it.

    I had a friend who used to wear a full suit to class whenever he ran out of laundry. He looked like he was headed to a job interview about once a month.



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