Saturday, February 17, 2007

a lazy saturday

i've finally gotten some weekend time to myself, and look at how productive i can be.

i handpainted some more shepherd's baby wool. i used pink and applied 2 packets each of tropical punch and grape. i concentrated on short color repeats and speckles. i especially wanted some speckles.
Conversation Hearts handpained hank
and here is is, skeined. i'm calling it "Conversation Hearts." it's destined to be the monkey socks from knitty.
Conversation Hearts skeined

i finished Black Kitty's kitty pi bed. here it is, pre-felting, looking like it belongs to jerry garcia's cat.
kitty pi bed pre-felting
i used wendyknits' kitty pi pattern with 2 worsted/heavy worsted strands held together on #13 denise circs.

the yarns i used:
knitpicks sierra
knitpicks wool of the andes
cascade lana d'oro
cascade 220
lamb's pride worsted worsted wool
handpainted wool/mohair from bronwyn
fleece artist merino

and here it is, felted. i ran it through the washer twice. i hope that she (and spicy) like it. i'm really happy with the colors. it didn't turn out nearly as ugly as before. i was aiming for a painterly kureyon-esque vibe, and i think i got a decent approximation. i also used up a ton of leftover yarns. yay for stashbusting!
Kitty Pi bed felted

anyone who regularly reads my blog probably saw this one coming. like you really thought i had any self-control.
Roza's Socks from Spring IK 2007
it's roza's socks, from Spring 2007 IK, by grumperina, using my very own self-striping yarn in All Hallow's Eve. i just couldn't wait to see how it knit up. i was going to make jaywalkers, but then i remembered this pattern, and i'm generally more inclined to try something new. i really like how the stripes are knitting up. not quite what i expected, but still very non-disastery.

and finally, i got some goodies in the mail!
Vesper Sock Yarn and Knitscene Fall 2006
i made a trade for Knitscene Fall 2006. there are at least 3 patterns i want to get to in that issue eventually. and the vesper sock yarn in knitandtonic is for winning Princess of Pink's blog drawing. thanks so much!

and this concludes one very long post. happy weekend.

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  1. Love that Conversation Hearts! Those will look good as Monkey Socks! The kitty pi is too cool! Great way to use up those leftovers! The Roza sock looks awesome!! Go you!!

  2. Your hand-dyed stuff looks great. And it sounds like a lot of fun as well.

  3. I love that you named it Conversation Hearts! Is there an Etsy store in your future? You know, when your stint as a spy is over.

    Nice job on the Kitty Pi! I'm sure Black Kitty's gonna roll with it. ;)

  4. So - how did you get the All Hallows Eve to make those nice thick stripes?? I can't wait to see the speckley Monkey socks!!

  5. The kitty pi and socks look great. I must have missed the All Hallows Eve dyeing. The Conversation Hearts, also very pretty. Is your own sock line in the future? Seriously, these are cool colorways. Enjoy the rest of your "me" time.

  6. The kitty bed is great! I love the Conversation Hearts yarn, it came out great. The name is cool too.



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