Friday, February 09, 2007

i'm so sleeeeepy.

last night i whipped up another wonton for Black Kitty. same leftover stuff from the mittens kit but this time i added a little loop so you can tie a string to it. poor Black Kitty, being from the streets, doesn't really know how to play. Spicy says he tries to play with her, and she halfheartedly bats at strings and such, but that she quickly stops and gives him a look like, "what? you want to keep going?" this makes me sad. but spicy told me he gave Black Kitty the wonton and she went crazy. yet another cat gives in to the power of wool and catnip. muhuhahahaha.

spicy requested that i make her a cat bed because he doesn't have a good spot for her to sleep indoors. but he wants me to use leftover yarns because "that's how Black Kitty rolls." i'm planning to use the kitty pi pattern, but i may make him felt it. he doesn't have to pay for his laundry and he can monitor the felting process much better.

i couldn't resist sassenach's destash sale. i scored 2 hanks of crystal palace cotton chenille for $4. that's the same price as dishcloth cotton, people. i started another garterlac dishcloth last night with the blue. it's not the nicest stuff to knit with, but it'll make a really nice washcloth. especially for $2.

i'm having a case of the project blahs. i figure if i stick to small things, like kitty toys and dishcloths, i'll eventually work my way out of it.

oh and am i the only person on earth who hasn't received her spring interweave yet?


  1. "that's how Black Kitty rolls"


  2. I haven't gotten my IK either.

    Doesn't matter though, I'll probably be knitting dear Venezia till the day I die. If that happens I hope they bury me in it.

  3. Nope - I don't have mine yet...



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