Tuesday, February 06, 2007


i just realized yesterday afternoon that i had all of these emails on this gmail account that i never check. oops. i apologize if i never answered your question from october or november. i'm trying to catch up.

Sarah, babette's blanket is not done. i still have section 10 to crochet plus the border. i should probably be working on it, but instead i've been doing this:
Yarrow Ribbed Socks

i finished one yarrow ribbed sock and have started the second. this is a new heel and toe for me, and the heel is too baggy for my foot. but fortunately, it fits spicy just fine. i'm surprised that i have made it through a few pairs of ribbed socks without going crazy. maybe it was just 2x2 rib that i hated all those years.

i'm still boring.


  1. That sock is fantastic. I need to knit some knee socks.

  2. 2x2 rib just kills me too. At least with 4x1 or 3x1, you get a little break with longer knit sections... anyways.

    Is spicy jesse your man? For some reason, I had thought he was a coworker. But that is a lot of knitted goodness for some mere coworker. ;)



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