Friday, February 16, 2007

function over fashion

Does anybody remember that Bubba Sparxx song, "You're Ugly"? well that's what goes through my head when i look at this:
Black Kitty's Kitty Pi in progress
Yes, it is Black Kitty's Kitty Pi bed. i learned last night that i have a lot of non-coordinating worsted weight leftovers. this thing ain't gonna win any beauty contests, but if it's warm, i guess that's what counts. i need to knit 10 more rows before i get to the decreases. this project is really good for finally using up all those little bits and pieces, but i wouldn't want to stare at it for too long. maybe it's a commentary on our post-postmodern world. yeah, that's it.

when i got home from work last night, i felt the urge to dye some self-striping yarn. i happened to have 3 packets each of orange and grape koolaid, and 2 skeins of cream shepherd's baby wool in my stash. i wound a super long hank with a little help from my kitties, and marked off uneven portions to dye, so the stripes should be pretty irregular.
All Hallow's Eve self-striping dye
unfortunately, the orange bled onto the cream when i rinsed it. i'm not thrilled, but it's my first attempt. i can't wait to knit it up to see how it turned out. i have 2 more balls in pink that i think i'll handpaint this weekend. if it turns out well, i might spring from some knitpicks dye your own. i like dyeing my stash--it's like new skeins of yarn, but without all the cash expenditures and taking up more space.
All Hallow's Eve Self-Striping
and here it is, all skeined up. it was a huge pain in the ass, and therefore i doubt i'll do self-striping yarn very often. but it does look very pretty. i think i'll make a pair of jaywalkers.
All Hallow's Eve Skeined


  1. Isn't dyeing fun?? You just don't know what you'll get and the desire to see what it will look like is strong!
    I can't wait to see your purple, orange,pale orange, cream yarn!

  2. at first the photo was a beret, and i was worried for you. but as a cat bed, it's cool. and i'm sure black kitty will dig the scrappy look, being from the street and all... ;)

  3. It's so cool! It reminds me of Halloween because the purple looks almost black in the picture. Now I want Halloween stripy yarn!

  4. Isn't it funny when the yarn is just dyed, you don't think it'll be good...until you reskein it!! It looks great! Still surprises me what kool-aid can do! Excellent job! :)

  5. Wow, nice dye job! And all from a packet of colored sugar!



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