Thursday, February 08, 2007

Four Years Later...

In 2003, when I was a fairly new knitter, it occurred to me that winters in Western New York are pretty cold. I somehow heard through the grapevine that these things called "thrummed mittens" would be excellent in my climate. not knowing how to go about acquiring roving, i found an internet vendor in Canada who sold Fleece Artist thrummed mittens kits. i duly plunked down the cash, and plunged into knitting the mittens when they arrived. unfortunately, the instructions that came with the kit were exceedingly brief and confusing. i found another pattern on the web and plugged away at mitten #1, but got frightened at the prospect of cutting into my knitting for the afterthought thumb. ("they want me to WHAT???") so i put the thumbless mitten away for awhile. for a good long while. like maybe until 2004ish. eventually i did add the thumb, and i had one completed mitten, but by that time, it probably wasn't winter anymore and i just didn't feel like making the second one.

evidently i didn't feel like it until December 2006. i finally became ashamed of myself and knit up the second mitten in a couple of hours one afternoon. then i realized that i'd left off one more thrum repeat, so the mittens were not the same length. i sighed and put it away again. i took it out again this week. why am i rambling so much about this? because i'm finally DONE!
No Pictures, Please.
No pictures, please. i'm still ashamed of myself.

Imagine this: after FOUR years my gauge somehow changed. huh--i would never think that such a thing would happen. so the two mittens are not the same size. but you know, i really don't care. i used #4 bamboo dpns. i can no longer find the pattern i used on the internet, but i wouldn't recommend it anyway. i feel like i would've been done with these several years ago, if i'd just used scrap yarn for the afterthought thumb rather than having to cut the stitches.

i wore them this morning, and i have to say i'm a little underwhelmed. i think that they are fine when there's no wind, but my hands were still mighty frozen as the wind just cut right through them. i think it'd be better if there was a nice fine-gauge toasty lining. but there's no way in hell i'm making a lining. these babies are as done as they're ever gonna be.

while i'm reminiscing, back when i was a new knitter, one of the first FOs i ever made was the wonton from the knitty dim sum pattern. i made it out of leftover chunky woolease, and i had no idea how to seam, but i stuffed it with catnip and handed it over to the cats. and they loved it. wyatt used to drool all over it. eventually it got so dirty and disgusting that i threw it out, with the best of intentions to make them another right away because they loved it so much. um, yeah...cut to 2007. Ellie, Wyatt--i finally made you guys another cat toy!
Ellie and her Wonton
this one is just based on the dim sum pattern. i knit a square on bamboo #4 dpns out of leftover fleece artist merino and stuffed it with leftover roving and catnip. at first she didn't really get it, but once she did...
catnip + wool = kitty heaven
wyatt and ellie were fighting over it last night. i have enough yarn and roving left to make another one. i think i will make a toy for Spicy Jesse's cat, Black Kitty. Black Kitty is from the streets and does not like to play, but she has not yet encountered the lure of sheep.

Spicy Jesse is "my man," but his name is neither Spicy nor Jesse. i knit another inch or two on his second sock, but you don't wanna see that. it's boring.

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  1. Aw, don't be ashamed, the mittens are CUTE! Good to know about the wind though... I have a pair of Malabrigo mittens that are nice and toasty until the wind blows through them (which it does, often), and I've been considering thrummed mittens because I thought they'd be more windproof... guess not! Saves me time anyway. :)

  2. Hey, I won't admit in public my longest running UFO. At least you had the courage to face the mitten and finish it. Sorry, it didn't really perform like you wanted. Black Kitty will love the catnip filled toy--every cat succumbs to the catnip. I guess Spicy Jesse is worthy since he appreciates your socks.

  3. I've never knit thrummed mitts and always wanted to because I figured they would be SUPER warm and so dense that nothing (wind/wet) would get through them. WELL after reading your post, I realize at least I'm not missing out on the super warm thing...but they sure are cool looking!

  4. Ah, the things we acquire as a newbie. ;) They're cute! I wonder - if you felted them ever so slightly, would that perhaps cut the windchill a little better?

    That's some dim sum love right there! What the hell is in catnip that makes 'em go all lusty like that? Or is it the fiber? I get like that around good yarn... ;)



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