Monday, February 19, 2007

all we need is just a little patience

yesterday afternoon, i finished my first Roza sock. i sighed and picked up yarrow rib sock #2 for spicy. before resuming knitting the cuff, i decided to measure sock #1 to make sure i was making the cuffs the same length. it turns out that sock #1 has an 11.75" cuff. sock #2 currently has an 11.25" cuff. yeah. all i needed to do was knit another half an inch and i would've been finished with the cuff. and everybody knows that after the leg, the rest is gravy. so expect a finished pair of yarrow ribbed socks fairly soon.

i bought some more koolaid to do some dyeing. i am not planning to open an etsy store anytime soon. i've realized that for whatever reason, i am just not excited to knit with solid colored sock yarn. even when i do knit solid socks, i prefer subtle variations in color. i bought all that shepherd's baby wool for super cheap at a lys when it was on clearance and it's been sitting there ever since. so i thought, why not dye it up and KNIT with it rather than continuing to spend money on more hand-dyed yarn?

pat, i used the tutorials here and here to make the self-striping yarn with one major exception. i am lazy. i am way too lazy to knit a swatch and measure the yarn to make pretty pretty perfect stripes. it's called, "eh, this looks good," and tying off a length of yarn for my stripes in the hopes that it'll all work out to be random and pretty. for me, that was part of the fun, to knit it up to see what i got. mine turned out pretty regular after all, but i am perfectly ok with that. see, i didn't even have to swatch.

keep your eyes open this week. lately i have been the very fortunate recipient of the knit blogging community, so i want to give back. methinks that some of my future dyeing will be photographed and put up as a prize for a blog contest. check back for more details.


  1. i like the new look! er, or maybe it's the same look without the background image?

    anyway, i'm curious to see how roza's socks turn out with a striped yarn once they're blocked and all, that ribbing pattern is kinda subtle..

  2. The Kitty Pi turned out quite good, and your dyeing is great!

  3. How pretty! The cat bed is a little trippy looking, and I keep imagining a cat waking up, groggy from an exceptionally restful nap, and being assaulted by all the colors and feeling drunk for hours afterward. (Is my imagination too strong?)

    Anyway, the dyeing looks supercool. Think if I send you some Cotton Panda you could make it self-stripe for me? I've been wanting handpainted sock yarn, but no woolly socks for me! (And I don't want to dye Fixation. Ugh!)

  4. I am the same way with solid color yarn. I really prefer the subtle differences in almost-solids.



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