Monday, January 15, 2007

Ow, my ass.

so i woke up this morning and the television kept talking about how there was freezing rain outside and very icy conditions. evidently this did not register in my brain, despite the fact that the newscasters repeated it at least 10 times. i walked outside, took one step, and slid down my porch steps, somehow hurting my left shin and landing on my tailbone. it hurt like a motherfucker. i wanted to sit there and cry for a minute, but i didn't have time. so i got to work, took out my laptop, and now there is a nice little ding and a crack in the case. plus, when i turned it on, it didn't work. fortunately, Computer Guy performed some miracle and it is now functional, so i am able to bring you this finished object.

Shetland Triangle Shawl from Wrap Style
It's a Teeny Shetland Triangle Shawl, from Wrap Style, Skacel merino lace in periwinkle, #6 knitpicks circs. i knit the pattern as written, so there are only 8 repeats. i thought that it sounded kind of small, and it looked really small, but how can you truly judge the sizing when it looks like this?
a crinkly Shetland Triangle
btw, the color looks very different in different lighting. it's not just the photos. sometimes it looks more purple, sometimes it looks more blue. a true periwinkle, i guess.
Shetland Triangle modeled
and now for the good news. i got bit by the lace bug Friday evening after work. against my better judgment, i cast on this shawl that was meant to be one of those nice birthday presents i've been talking about making this year. well, i guess i got a little carried away because it was off the needles and blocked by sunday afternoon. that's three days for the non-counting inclined. the birthday in question is in the latter half of 2007. woo, me! oh yeah, i almost forgot a very important element...i knitted this shawl while catching up on lime & violet podcasts. i've been fairly slow to catch onto this podcast thing. i've listened to a few, but i never really got into them. but i finally succumbed because i no longer have netflix and i needed something for background while i was knitting that wasn't bad infomercials on tv. and the lime & violet thing is very addictive. i'm up to episode 12-ish now. so i totally credit them for rapid shawl completion. or at least give them props for helping me along.

the pattern is very easy to follow. i almost wish that this had been my first lace shawl, as it is even easier than the leaf lace shawl. knitting with knitpicks circs makes a HUGE difference--those pointy points really speed up the decreases. i would highly recommend them for lace knitting. i did not particularly enjoy the skacel merino lace. i don't have a lot of lace yarn experience, but i thought that knitpicks shadow (and even shimmer and alpaca cloud) are much nicer to knit with. the skacel was pretty splitty and it felt kind of dry.

as i said before, the shawl is quite small. it's more of a scarf, but i think that climate-wise, it'll actually be better for the recipient. i would definitely make another one of these in a handpainted yarn. the pattern is simple enough to handle it, i think.

i picked up the new vogue knitting at the grocery store, but i was pretty underwhelmed. i still really like that norah gaughan shrug, but i'm not sure yet if i'll knit it or not. how d'you think it'd look in pink? i also finished the auto-pilot socks this weekend, but i'll save them for another post. i wish i could ice my ass. it really hurts.

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  1. Ouch! I did that slide once and broke my tail bone. I thought I read at one time you are in upstate NY? I spent my youth south of Buffalo and miss the blizzards.

  2. Beautiful, delicate shawlette!

  3. Hey, great shawl!

    Hope your bum feels better.

  4. The shawl looks very pretty! Great job!! And sorry about the tailbone...that happened to me when I was about 12 and I remember having to sit on one of those little donut pillows with the big hole in it for about a week because it hurt so much. I hope it feels better soon!

  5. Very pretty shawl!

    Aren't LnV so much fun to listen to? I didn't catch on to them until December and spent the entire month catching up. Now it feels weird to only get a podcast once a week!

    Ouch. I think my ass just flinched in sympathy. Sending you erm...ass wishes?

  6. I love that shrug/something from the recent vk too, but I wonder what I could wear with it. Looks fascinating though. Hope you heal up :)

  7. Ow! For something so useless, the tail bone sure is painful when injured. I hope you didn't break it and it gets better soon.

    It's a good thing you cracked your butt, not the back of your head!

    The shawl is very pretty. Isn't it funny how lace turns from spaghetti into a delicate garment? Like magic.

  8. I've felt your pain. I broke my tailbone when I was thirteen, and I still remember the gasp inducing agony, and the disturbing appointment to the doctor to determine that it was broken.



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