Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the omega and the alpha


my last FO of 2006: Odessa from magknits, sans beads.
Odessa from magknits
i used knitpicks elegance in fawn, approximately one skein, #4 knitpicks circs.
Odessa top
i love the spiral-y goodness at the crown. i'm very glad that i knit the entire hat on #4s, as after blocking (the pictures are pre-blocked) the hat stretched out and became very drapey. or floppy. whichever you'd prefer. the hat is not very snug now, but it's bearable. i like this one and i wear it often. a good finish to 2006.

but 2007? it's starting off with a bang.
Shedir from knitty, sarah's yarns dk cashmere in grey, one skein, #3 addi turbos. all photos are post-blocking.
Shedir from knitty for spicy jesse
a second pic. i couldn't decide if i liked the first one or this one better, so i went with both. this hat was a gift for spicy jesse. he's very proud of his "mongolian goat" hat. i try to forgive him for the heresy.
Shedir crown
this photo shows the most accurate color. my favorite part of the hat is the crown shaping. i knit the pattern as written, except that i twisted the stitches, a la Eunny. i have a pretty small amount of the 200 yd skein leftover. i had fun knitting this pattern, except when i was tired and screwed up and had to rip back a repeat. i also learned how to cable without a cable needle and it helped improve my knitting tremendously. it was mildly difficult to give away the hat, but the recipient appears to be worthy. i told him i'd wash the hat for him whenever he wants, but he told me that he never washes hats. *pained face* ummm, yeah.

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  1. Shedir in CASHMERE - I need to do that too. Mine is just not warm enough.
    Both hats are beautiful!

  2. Nice hats! I'm thinking about knitting Odessa soon with some alpaca, I'll have to see how it behaves after blocking to make sure it won't get enormous.

    Love that Shedir!

  3. the top of odessa is spectacular, and i'm loving the shedir! grey is a perfect color for all those little cables. and hey, no picture of spicy modeling it for us? ;)

    just out of curiousity, which cable-without-a-cable-needle method did you use: keeping the stitches on the left needle and knitting them out of order then sliding them off all at once, or slipping stitches off the needle entirely and putting them back on in a different order before knitting across? i found that the second way worked better for me on the blue hat, but the yarn was also really bulky, so it was tough to pull yarn through a stitch remaining on the left needle, and it really hurt my wrist.. but with a smaller guage it might not be so bad?

  4. Beautiful hats! Really good job!

  5. You done a lovely job with both hats.

    I have been wanting to knit me an Odessa hat. I love the swirls too!



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