Thursday, January 25, 2007

ok, blogger commenting sucks.

you know, blogger really needs a better setup for responding to comments. btw, if anyone reading this gets frustrated because i don't respond to comments, it's because for the life of me, i can't figure out how.

so last night when i went to bed, i had the nagging suspicion in the back of my brain that i'd forgotten something. but i shrugged it off and went to sleep. in the morning when i stumbled to the kitchen to feed the cats, o what did my sleepy eyes behold but my nicely wound ball of hipknits silk all wrapped around various pieces of furniture in the living room, fortunately still attached to my sahara sleeve. sheeeeeet. i spent the morning before work untangling the yarn from my chair and coffee table. so no progress pics. naturally, ellie was doing her best to "help" me rewind the yarn, because the temptation proved too great for her to resist. and also, wyatt threw up on the carpet last night. just thought i'd add that tidbit for fun.

anyway, weezalana, i am waiting to post my review of fearless fibers until i'm actually finished and have washed the socks. but here's hoping that i really like it because i have 3 more skeins. what i can say is that i'm almost positive that Deb of FF uses the same base yarn as Sunshine yarns, which i used to make Spicy Jesse's Xmas socks. the yarn is very very soft, sort of floofy in places, not as tightly spun as some sock yarns, VERY VERY thin (like i've used #1s so far, but i think i should probably be using #0s, which is not going to happen in my lifetime). Spicy wears the socks at least once a week, machine washes and probably dries them with abandon, and they've held up nicely so far. ok, it's been a month, but they really have gotten a lot of wear. as long as the FF yarn doesn't bleed the way that Sunshine yarns did, i will be super happy, as the cost was lower for more yardage comparatively. i ended up buying the 3 coordinating skeins for $40 (plus the one i'd already bought), and i am saving the skein of thoroughbred to make socks for meeeeee, as the other two are earmarked for spicy and my brother. and the colors are so so wonderful, which i would wax poetic about, but i don't want to give anything away to my pal. once i work my way through these 4 skeins, i will probably pick up at least one more to make a lace shawl for a gift.

and thanks for the offer to take some sock yarn off my hands, but for now i think i'll just concentrate on knitting ever more speedily. :-P


  1. On the bright side: nobody threw up on your yarn!

  2. I don't think you can respond to comments directly via Blogger. Turtlegirl started using something called Haloscan, you may want to check that out.

    On the other hand, a whole post just for me is kinda cool... ;)



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