Tuesday, January 16, 2007

MLK2 2K7

oh national holidays. i am anxiously awaiting a package arrival from fearless fibers so i can start my knittyboard sock swap pal's socks. but as there was no mail yesterday, i kind of twittered around a bit with nothing to knit. i hemmed and hawed about going back and finishing something on the needles, but i just didn't feel like working on anything in progress, and i figured that life is too short to force myself to knit things i don't want to work on. so i started something new while i watched 24 and listened to some more lime & violet podcasts.
Sahara in progress
i've been wanting to knit Sahara with my hipknits silk that i've had in my stash for ages now. i am ready to start the waist decreases. so far the pattern is plain ol' stockinette from the top-down, so it goes very quickly. for my version i am planning to make the long bell sleeves, though i'm thinking about converting them to 3/4 length and making them a little wider, so that the top will be more tunic-like. we'll see. i'm not sure how much yarn i'll have for the sleeves, so i am definitely doing them last. the silk is so pretty, though i have doubts that it will wear very well. my gauge on 6s is pretty stiff, so i'm hoping that the silk indeed stretches as much as advertised so that some of the drape will come back.

today i am wearing my supermegaheavybulky sweater and it is so thick that i couldn't fit a coat over it. i had to wear my down vest instead. fortunately the sweater is so warm that i didn't really need a coat.

thank you for the ass well-wishes. it is definitely not broken, but i have a rather large and lovely bruise. a couple of them, actually.


  1. That's a pretty sweater with those lacy edges - I'll look forward to seeing how your neck placket (Is that what it's called?) turns out. The yarn looks heavenly.

  2. I love Sahara and I love that yarn. Can't wait to see how it turns out!



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