Thursday, January 11, 2007

lots to blab about

thanks for all the comments on my hats. Lacey, Spicy Jesse is camera shy. i doubt he'll be featured on this blog anytime soon, if ever. i used the cabling method of sliding the stitches off the needle and reordering them. i hate to burst your bubble, but it really hurt my fingers too. my hands got tired more easily and rubbing my forefinger up against the needle constantly got irksome. but it was still worth it because it was easier to get into a rhythm, plus (i'm probably not explaining this well) i was better able to "read" the pattern when i didn't constantly have to stop to move stitches to a dpn. i lost my cable needle ages ago.

i signed up for the knittyboard sock exchange and i got my match this morning. i'm already tremendously excited. i probably shouldn't say much more at this point. i need to kick into high gear and finish the autopilot socks so i can start the new pair for my pal. here's the first finished sock.
Autopilot sock
i am currently working on adding the afterthought heel to the second sock. when it is finished i will be ready to start working the calf increases. i did something a little different this time with the shaping. i'll show you more when they are finished. one interesting note: remember my little experiment to see how far i could stretch a skein of koigu? well, i have a significant amount of yarn leftover, probably enough to do the heel, but maybe not the toe on this sock. so the moral of the story is, if you have small feet and a simple pattern, you can make some pretty friggin tall socks with only 2 skeins of koigu.

and just to prove that i'm still working on them:
Anatolian Mitten #2
i'm actually farther along than this on the second anatolian mitten. i just got my replacement brittany birch needle in the mail yesterday (they sent me 3!) so it should be easier to finish from here on out. i don't like working with 4 dpns at all.

and finally, i will leave you with a teaser. the bubble pullover is blocking. all i have to do tonight is sew on the buttons and do some praying that it will fit.
Bubble Pullover blocking


  1. Your Anatolian's are looking gorgeous! I gave the one's I made to my Mom and she is showing them off to EVERYONE that will would be embarrassing if she didn't live 2000 miles away.
    I'll be waiting to see the pullover...

  2. Nice hats! And the mitten is looking great too.

    Glad you finally got your card reader!



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