Friday, January 12, 2007

Kitties Love New Sweaters

Remember this?
He's not asleep
Despite Wyatt's best efforts to keep it for his very own, it eventually became this:
Bubble Pullover from Knitting Nature
Bubble Pullover from Knitting Nature, smallest size (sort of), Henry's Attic Texas, handdyed by me with 30+ packets of Koolaid, #5 denise circs/addi turbos/knitpicks circs, and #3 addi turbos for the ribbing.

i had to dye the yarn twice, as i didn't really know what i was doing. i think i used blue lemonade of some sort and a couple packets of grape thrown in for good measure. the sweater STILL smells faintly like koolaid. it's pretty nauseating, and i hope it goes away soon. i really like the way the colors turned out. the yarn is pretty scratchy. fortunately, i'm not very itch sensitive. it isn't terrible, but i'm not going to run out for more of this yarn anytime soon.
Bubble Pullover front
Notes on adjustments: the smallest size as written would've produced a sweater with a 46" chest. (the sweater's smallest size was to fit a 36" chest but the finished sweater has TEN INCHES OF EASE!) i really liked the sweater in the book, but that size would just not work for me. i made a swatch and did the math and decided to knit the pattern using a DK weight yarn. (i believe that Henry's Attic Texas is listed as a worsted weight, but it isn't) i also knit the sleeves in the round and knit the collar ribbing to 7.5 inches. i cheated on the buttons as well and only sewed one button on the collar even though there are 3 buttonholes. my reasoning was that the other two would never show as the collar folds down, so there was no point in sewing on non-functional and invisible buttons.
Bubble Pullover back
i sweated the sizing the entire way. the construction of the sweater makes it really hard to judge how it is going to fit. to make this more clear, i tried on the sweater with just the pentagons together and thought it'd be too big. then i knit the welt ribbing and thought it'd be too small. this continued through the sleeve seams and the collar ribbing. before blocking, i thought i'd had a terrible failure.

but blocking truly is magic. i stretched it to the correct dimensions, and the fit is now as close to perfect as it can be. to be honest, one armhole is still a little tight, but i think that was a blocking snafu, as the other one is fine. the fit of the sweater is exactly how i'd imagined i'd wanted it to be when i first saw the sweater in the book. i feel a lot more confident now about resizing patterns. i think i could do it again.

one last thing. remember the first photo, when wyatt claimed the yarn as his own? yeah, that hasn't changed much.
Kitty DroolKitty Hearts Sweaters
the picture with his little pink tongue proves that he really does drool on my sweaters. wearing the sweater is like insta-kitty-attention. i don't know what the attraction is, but he absolutely loves it.

and so do i.

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  1. maybe he likes the smell of koolaid?

    your sweater is very cute! and seriously, a 46" chest? I don't think even my giant comfy hooded sweatshirt is that big!

  2. Wow, 46 inches? Good thing you changed it around. I'm impressed with the dye job, I think it wroks really well with the pattern. Good job!

  3. Your sweater looks fantastic! Great job on hand dying the yarn, it was a perfect choice for this type of sweater as well. It shows it off so nicely.
    And the kitty pictures? Too. cute. for. words.

  4. Great sweater! The fit looks awesome and I like the dye job. What a perfect FO :)

    Ok, and your cat is too cute.

  5. Your sweater turned out awesome! I love the fit of it, that it's not as crazy oversized as in the book! I've made a couple of things in the book, and the sizing is extremely difficult to judge, especially if you're making any changes. Good job!

  6. your sweater is awesome and the color is great too!

  7. Oooh... I love the collar on that, and the dyed yarn works so well in the pentagons! Great job changing the pattern to fit. :)

  8. Your sweater is fabulous! Downsizing it sounds pretty tricky to me, but it seemed to have worked out great for you, congrats.
    Very handsome kitty!

  9. omg sara, it looks great! i can't believe the difference from the preblocking pics.v a serious triumph for those of us with smaller, bigger, and inbetween sizes...

  10. The sweater is really great on you, good thing you didn't make the smallest size as written!

    And I think the kitty has a thing for KoolAid!

  11. I am SO impressed with your beautiful sweater - How on earth did you get those pentagons to lie so nice and flat.....I love your modifications. It looks tailored to fit you and just beautiful on you! I really like the collar and the split ribbing too.
    Nice job!

  12. Your sweater is AWESOME! I really love it :)

  13. Great job with the re-sizing! I can understand the feeling of treading on ice all the way during the knitting ... but that's the price to pay for knitting these interesting patterns. Your sweater comes out beautiful.

  14. that looks awesome on you!! great job!

  15. I hear you on the 46" chest... that's just a bit smaller than my Banff, which is not wearable outside the house (and even inside the house, it's only wearable if I'm prepared to get snickered at by the husband).

    It's beautiful. The color, the fit, the cute little buttons at the bottom. I love it.

  16. Your sweater is so amazing! I love that you dyed the yarn yourself... here's to the smell fading soon! :)

  17. Awesome!! Great job on it! You even dyed the yarn! Wow!

  18. Great sweater. Looks really cute on. I think I may have to now go and have a good look at Knitting Nature.

  19. good job on the sizing. In the book, the sweater is beautiful but the model is just swimming in it! I love the way your dye came out too, really nice.

  20. Love the sweater! I need to take another look at Knitting Nature...

    And my cat can be a stunt double for your cat. I did a double-take when I saw him in your pictures. They look identical, coloring and build and all.

  21. Wow, nicely done! (Holy crap, TEN inches of ease? A 46" chest? Nature girls must have bigger bazoombas than us city folk.)

    LOL on your kitty lickin' the yarn. Now THAT's a cat who understands what it's all about. ;)

  22. wow, this sweater is awesome! i love the collar and the patterned bodice - SO cool!
    i don´t dare to knit a sweater, but this makes me eager to have such a beautiful one, too :)

  23. I am loving this sweater. It is cleverly constructed but I think you were very wise to rework the sizing. 10 inches is WAY too much ease. But I really like yours.



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