Monday, January 22, 2007

just a little bit of blue monday

my computer issues continue. no more falling on my ass, but my hard drive was on the fritz and i just got my machine back with a brand-newer one. let's hope it holds together.

here's this month's socktopia entry.
Autopilot socks finished
Auto-pilot socks, koigu kpppm (don't know the color number) and lorna's laces shepherd sport in lakeview, #2 bamboo dpns, toe-up, 56 st inc to 80 st at the cuff. i used an afterthought heel.

Autopilot socks back
i conducted a little experiment with these socks...How far can i stretch 2 skeins of koigu? answer: pretty far. the sock cuffs are the tallest i've done so far--true knee socks. i even have a little bit of yarn leftover. the socks are a little bit too loose post-washing. i wish i would've done 52 st inc to 72 or 76.

autopilot socks: calf shaping detail
i tried a different way of calf-shaping also. i increased one stitch at the center "seam line" and continued to increase 2 stitches every 5 rows to form a V-shape. i rather like it. 3x2 ribbing and a sewn-bind off complete the cuffs.

i'm putting these in the "blue monday" theme because there is just a touch of blue on the toes and heels. and it's monday.

lastly, a little teaser of my knittyboard sock exchange socks. the first one is done. and it's ever so lovely, if i do say so myself. check out my eye of partridge heel.
knitty sock exchange pal's socks

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  1. That Koigu sure makes pretty knee socks! (or I should say YOU make pretty knee socks with that Koigu). I LOVE your calf shaping!

  2. I love the calf shaping! I'm just at the point on a pair of socks where I was trying to figure out exactly how to shape the calves, and I can't seem to find any detailed patterns anywhere... could you tell me exactly where you placed the increases? I'd be forever grateful :)

  3. Oooo, knee highs! Nice! Like the way you did the calf shaping, too.

  4. Holy freaking cow I love those heels and toes! I've got the same LL color...hmmmm.....

  5. wow - not bad for Koigu! I always wondered how far it would actually go! Great calf shaping doing it that way rather than around a center seam - neat!

  6. *gasp* LOVE THOSE KNEE HIGHS!!! Those are just fantastic!!!



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