Friday, January 05, 2007

it's on its way

i got a notice that my card reader has been shipped. it's so sad, because i actually have stuff that i'm eager to share. i guess it'll wait.

i finished shedir last night. it was an interesting experiment--i washed and blocked both shedir and odessa. i was afraid that the cashmere would melt in its bath or something, but it did not change shape at all. and it has become ever more squooshy and soft with a teensy halo of prettiness that does not obscure all those twisted stitches that i slaved over. yes, you may have predicted it. now i don't want to give the hat away. and i want to knit with cashmere all the time. *sigh* when my ship comes in...

anyway, contrast that with my kp elegance odessa. the alpaca/silk blend is still shiny and soft with no halo. but the bottom ribbing has stretched out considerably. it still fits but is in no way snug. i guess i'm really glad i knit the whole thing on #4s, and i kind of wish i'd knit the ribbing on #2s. the yarn is kind of growing on me. i think it would make a pretty sweater, and i still have so much of it left. i'm planning a 2-color elegance project fairly soon. i'll let you know how it goes.

ripple weave socks are officially dead and reborn as the auto-pilot socks. i knit a toe, and a foot, and part of a leg. (i'm doing afterthought heels) my color combo is a little different, but i think it works. i'm going to make a bigger effort to use contrasting heels and toes in the future. gotta use up those little bits of leftovers somehow.


  1. by card reader do you mean for a camera memory card? I hope it gets in soon too, I'd love to see what your Shedir looks like!

  2. Oh no, I've been trying so hard to resist the lure of the cashmere, your review is not helping me! :P Loved your comment on my blog - I wondered if anyone else would notice the tanktop. What can I say, it was 60 degrees outside... if I had put a sweater on, it would just be misleading!

  3. You know, I never blocked Odessa. It looked really nice just the way it was. Haven't tried Shedir yet, it's such a gorgeous pattern!

    Must get cashmere.



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