Wednesday, January 03, 2007

because i care (or maybe i'm just anal)

i just realized that the black cardigan i'm wearing is covered in cat hair. nice.

anyway, i made a few boo-boos on shedir. basically, i got really tired the first day i worked on it, and i wanted to finish the repeat i was on before stopping. but i really should've stopped. i wasn't focusing on what i was doing and messed up, and then i tried to fix what i'd messed up several rows back, and that just turned into a huge mess, and there was just no way i could live with it. because this hat needs to be PERFECT.

so last night i took a deep breath and ripped back one pattern repeat. i had to redo repeat #4, and now i am up to row 60 (on the decrease portion) and all is going smoothly again. the ripped portion is a bit fuzzy, but i sense that the cashmere yarn will develop an allover fuzzy halo after a short time. and that is ok. it will just mean that the hat is loved.

the good thing is that i've finally learned to cable without a cable needle. i won't lie--it hurts my hands somewhat to do so, but it's a lot easier to learn to read the pattern and develop a flow while knitting.

so far 2007 is full of hat challenges. i just ordered some telemark to make brooklyn tweed's red light special in blues and greys to make for a friend. now i *really* need to get cracking on the anatolian mittens, because even i'm not insane enough to knit more than one colorwork project at a time.

and now, for some true colorwork envy, allow me to point you to this finished venezia pullover. someday i wish to develop that sort of patience.


  1. I'm doing Venezia and it's SUPER FUN. Harder to watch tv and knit that than most of the other things I've done lately, but soooo satisfying. I wonder if 2007 will be the "colorwork" year?

  2. Trying to knit lace or any complicated pattern when you're tired is almost always bad. I do it too, complete with the part where I try to fix the mistake and only make things worse. That's why I think everybody needs a simple project for moments when you're too tired to pay attention but have the urge to knit. How much can you mess up a stockinette sweater?

    (famous last words...)

  3. As I recall - Shedir was NOT a TV watching knit! More a concentrated meditation knit. Can't wait to see it in cashmere!



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