Wednesday, January 24, 2007

all about the socks.

i neeeeeed to make these socks. i heart them. i can't wait til the spring issue of interweave arrives in my mailbox.

in the meantime i will have to content myself with working on the socks i have on the needles.
2 socks for my pal
i finished the gusset decreases of the second sock for my pal last night, so all that remains is the foot and toe and then i will be done! i've been making so many knee socks lately that i've forgotten how quickly non-knee socks knit up. and it appears that i won't be reminding myself again anytime soon, because the next pair in the queue is the boyfriend socks pattern for spicy jesse, out of some more fearless fibers. i will be making them with taller cuffs, as that is how he prefers his socks, just like me. dammit.

i've also been browsing blue moon fiber arts and lisa souza's sites lately. i really want the Lucy and Fire on the Mountain Socks that Rock, and Gendarme, among others (i haven't narrowed them down yet) of the lisa souza yarn. but i've been good thus far. the idea, besides making 2 pairs of socks per month, one for me, one for someone else, is to slowly decrease the size of my stash. basically, for every 4 pairs that i knit, i can order 2 more skeins of sock yarn. i suppose that means i can order more yarn every other month or so, which seems reasonable. it's just that it's so hard. and the sock yarns are so pretty. and i've already picked out patterns for the socks that rock (monkey and rpm). *sigh*


  1. I LOVE those socks too. Eunny is just amazing.

  2. Can't wait to see the color of the swap socks!

  3. another home run for eunny! (and i had to go and make that stupid resolution to design everything i make this year myself...) that's quite a web-savvy issue, what with eunny, grumperina, and glampyre all represented...

  4. How is that Fearless Fibers? I've been eyeing that yumminess. Curious as to how it wears over time...

    Ah STR. Love me that STR. Go on, you know you wannnaaaa...

    Well here, let me help - go on and send me four skeins from your stash, then you can go out and buy two more now. ;)



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