Monday, December 18, 2006

Yankee Swap Hat

Yay, boring post titles!

Yankee Swap hat

i went to a holiday party on friday. we had a yankee swap exchange, which was much more fun that i thought it would be. i was rather lacking in $10 gift ideas, so i just whipped out a quick hat. spicy jesse ended up bringing a roll of quarters, so at least i feel more inspired than he was.

the hat is Kim's Hats, from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, on #6 metal circs and dpns. i used leftover Knitpicks wool of the andes. i barely had enough of the blue to complete the hat. the sizing was rather tricky, as the hat had to fit a man or a woman. it's a tad bit long for me, and the recipient ended up being a girl, but i think it turned out ok.

the #6 needle situation was a nightmare. evidently i use (and lose) that size a lot. i couldn't find my addis and i could only locate one denise needle tip, so i had to go with these crappy circs with a terrible join. and i only have 4 slippery dpns in that size rather than 5, and the 88 stitch count was a little too much for the dpns. annoyingly, because of this i used #8 needles for some similar not-yet-revealed projects, and i was not nearly as happy with the fabric. way too floppy post-blocking. so i if i make another one of these hats with worsted weight (which i'm sure i will), i'll suffer through the #6s.

though a little birdie told me that things might be looking up on the needle front very soon...

the countdown is still on for finishing on time. i am on sock #2 of Big Brother's gigantisocks. i ended up doing the widdershins pattern, though for some reason the numbers weren't working for me. though i am very tired, so maybe i just had a brain lapse on sock #1. i hope to bejesus that they fit him. i have about 5 more inches of stockinette to go before the heel of sock #2. i also have the entire country sock #2 to knit, plus fixing the toe on sock #1. i'd be more confident that i could finish before dec 25, but my dad is coming to visit this week, and i doubt i'll be knitting much when he's here. at this point, i'm thinking that i will probably not make it, but i have a feeling that spicy will forgive me. i guess i could always whip out another last-minute hat. *sigh*

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