Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Very Long Post

my dad's visit came and went, so i can show some more finished xmas gifts.

i made my dad a couple of hats.
Dad's Xmas hat 1
Pattern is kim's hats (of course) from last minute knitted gifts, knitpicks wool of the andes in two greys and a red, #8 denise circs. i got tired of maneuvering the #6s and switched to #8s, but i am not thrilled with the fabric. i think it's too loose for a hat. i ran out of the dark grey at the very end. i had to tie the last end at the top of the hat because there wasn't enough to weave in. oops.
Dad's Xmas hat 2
Dad's hat #2, same pattern, used leftover debbie bliss cashmerino in green, knitpicks wool of the andes in brown and red, and lionbrand woolease in cream. this project was a wonderful stashbuster.

Misty Garden scarf
Next up is my stepmother's scarf. misty garden from scarf style, knitpicks shimmer in morning mist, less than half a skein, #4 addi turbos. this scarf was kind of boring to knit and really wasn't that fast, but at least it looks pretty.

it took me three straight days of constant knitting to fix the toe on sock #1 and make sock #2, but i did it. spicy's socks are done.
Country Socks from Folk Socks
pattern is country socks from Folk Socks, sunshine yarns in midnight nss and shepherd's baby wool in cream, #1 knitpicks circs using magic loop. 72 st with no calf shaping. cuff is 12.25" and foot is 10."
Country Socks modeled
here i am, modeling the socks. i'm a little worried because they aren't that big on me, but they only have to fit a size 8 man's foot, so i think it'll be ok. now for the problems i had with these socks. as i said before, i ripped out the pointy star toe and replaced it with a wedge toe. i finished sock #2 with a couple days to spare, and i very carefully handwashed the socks. and the blue dye bled all over my hands. mysteriously it did not bleed in the water, just on me. i rinsed it several times but since the water was clear, i'm not altogether sure that the socks are not going to turn his feet blue the first time he wears them. let's hope it'll be ok. the blue bled onto the cream enough to be noticeable, even though it doesn't show in the photo. there were also a couple of knots and the dye of the skein around the knots was really uneven. i was afraid to cut too much out because i wasn't sure i'd have enough yarn (i did) so there are some strange undyed horizontal lines. altogether i'm not thrilled with sunshine yarns. i don't think i'll be using it again. it's also very loosely spun and splitty. i'm not sure that these socks will wear that well either. but the yarn is very soft, and it's too late to make something else. i'm just disappointed because i wanted them to be perfect. oh well.

after the 3 straight days of knitting on tiny sharp needles, my hands are dead, so no knitting for me for awhile. i spent my xmas eve day sewing a new dress instead.
Duro Dress: Simplicity 4072, View B
the infamous duro dress, simplicity 4072, view B, using amy butler belle fabric and brown cotton for the contrast.
Duro Dress back
here's the back. i made a size 8 and shortened the skirt by 7 inches to make it a knee length dress. otherwise there were no mods.

Duro Dress
shortening the dress was a very good idea. i think if i'd left it, i would look like i am wearing a mumu. even with the shorter length, it's sort of housedress-like. i can't quite decide if i like the look. it hangs a little strangely. i hope when i wash it, the dress will drape better. the ties are also really annoying. but i love the fabric and the kimono sleeves. it took me all day long to sew it. i am really happy with how the bodice turned out. i was really careful and took my time. i'm still debating on whether or not this one's a winner. but i am about to go out on a dinner date, so i'll be putting it to the test shortly!

now to get ready.

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  1. You are amazing. All this sewing that you do and so fast at that, is really impressive. I don't even know how to use a sewing machine. The more I see that you do with yours makes me want to get one this next year and learn.



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