Thursday, December 14, 2006

a teaser.

A teaser

i've been busy. i have 3 more things to finish and photograph. until then i'll just keep you guessing.

btw, fidoknits, i tried to comment (3 times) unsuccessfully on your blog about the hermione hat. i washed it on hot and it didn't felt at all. so i threw it in the dryer and it came out slightly fuzzy and covered in towel lint, but quickly stretched out to its prewashing size. if i ever defuzz it, i'll rip it out and reknit. the moral of the story is that knitpicks elegance does not felt--at least not very easily. if anyone knows any giants who might want a slightly fuzzy hat, let me know.


  1. hat, scarf, scarf, scarf, hat, hat scarf

    Did I win?

    I wish I could get my camera to do good close-ups.

  2. You have been busy! The bottom two look like sweaters. Top left looks like a hat, top middle like a scarf. The rest? Hnh, could be anything!



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