Thursday, December 28, 2006

Stumpy McSweater

Bubble pullover almost done
The bubble pullover is almost done. i'm about an inch into the collar ribbing. that ball of yarn is the last of my kettle dyed henry's attic texas. i doubt i'll make it to 10" of ribbing. i can't help but think that this one is going to be a tragedy. the fit is not good. i should've realized that norah meant it when she said to do a stretchy cast-on. also, i'm thinking that i would've been ok to convert the pattern to worsted weight yarn, but dk is overkill. get ready for pictures of sara looking mighty restrained in her new sweater fairly soon. oh well. maybe i can find a small child to give it to.

and just for fun: a picture of wyatt (the attention whore) stealing the glory from ellie, who takes it all in quiet suffering.
Wyatt hogs the glory

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