Wednesday, December 06, 2006

oh the insanity

i've decided to do something completely nuts at this stage of the game. i am going to knit all my xmas presents, using only yarns from my stash.

i have 3 lace scarves, 2 hats, a pair of socks, and 3 dishcloths to knit. then we will see how much time i have left to knit more.

yep, i'm crazy.


  1. I'd start with the hats and smaller things first... christmas knitting is the only thing I do "backwards".. easiest to hardest, because come Christmas, it's no. of gifts finished that's most important. Good luck with that! I've only got one more thing to knit, a vest for my 44" dad, hehe. And the toe of one sock. Whee!

  2. wow I think you might be crazy to decide that on December 8th. : ) good luck!



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