Monday, December 04, 2006

a little bit of this, and a little bit of that

so this weekend i evidently decided to get an attack of knitting ADD.

i worked a few more rows on the sleeve of BPT.

i finished my hermione hat out of knitpicks elegance, but my row gauge was terribly off and the hat is wayyyy too long. i'm going to try to felt it, because i'm not happy with the stitch definition anyway. stay tuned for a potential disaster (or save).

i knit a few more rows on the country sock.

but most importantly, i finally FINALLY started the second thrummed mitten that i've had in the wip project basket for over 2 years. maybe 3. i thought i had finished it except for the thumb, but then i realized that i cast off before i completed the last thrum row, so i'll have to frog back. it's really hard to make mittens match when you completed the first one 2+ years ago. it's a very timely knit also, as winter has decided to make its appearance in western ny.


  1. Hey, it took me about 8 years to finish my first pair of mittens (and my first project). So far you're still doing better than me!

    Hope the Hermione hat goes well.

  2. So . . . how'd the felting go? I just had a sweater in KnitPicks' Elegance come out waaaaaay too long, and am hoping to shorten (and narrow) it a bit by getting it wet and then heating it -- I'm hoping that a lack of friction will lead to shrinking without felting. You can read the whole sad tale on my blog if you're interested -- (my name is Liz, but it's showing up as Fido)



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