Monday, December 11, 2006

just call me Mr. Pointy Toe

One Country Sock down

le sigh.

i'm worried. firstly, spicy jesse does not have Elf-shaped feet, so the pointy toe gots to go. i'll rip it out and knit a wedge toe. i should've known better. secondly, with the exception of being ever so slightly too long and baggy for my foot, don't these socks fit me excellently? it seems like that should be a problem. Spicy Jesse is a boy. are these really going to fit him? thirdly, i have the age-old fear that i will run out of yarn. yes, i have this fear every time i try to knit taller socks, but i have the additional challenge this time of knitting a 10" foot instead of an 8" foot, and the cuffs are 12.25" up to the heel. i worked it all out in my head that i should be ok because my trekking socks have the same yardage as sunshine yarns, i'm knitting on the same size needle, and with the contrasting yarn i should have enough to compensate for the longer foot length. but i'm still worried. maybe i should've asked for a kitchen scale for xmas. though i feel like even with the scale i'd still have doubts. we'll just have to see.

i finished misty garden, blocked mimi not-so-verylong, am almost done with a turkish string bag, and plan on making a calorimetry tonight. i'd be more proud of my progress, but i've recently been charged with making an unplanned pair of socks for men's size 14 feet. FOURTEEN.

i'm gonna keep on chanting to myself:



  1. Size 14? Yikes! However, based on your track record, I'm thinking that you can definitely do this. Me, I'm still trying to get up the courage to move beyond Fuzzy Feet. (Oh and I pretty much agree with your Knitty review--I think there were only a couple of things I would actually make from this issue.)

  2. When filled out by a larger foot the pointiness should be slightly minimized, but yeah, I'd go for the wedge toe too.

  3. Size 14! ouch!

    Pointy toe is odd! And yes, I always have the irrational fear of running out of yarn too. It happens to the best of us!



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