Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Future projects

good news. spicy jesse's socks fit perfectly. seriously--they couldn't have been any better than if i'd had his foot to try on the socks every step of the way. whew. he said i could knit him more pairs anytime i wanted to. he made me his first ever piece of furniture. it's a small wooden chest that doubles as a kitty-propping seat by the window so they can get the full glimpse of Squirrel TV showing on a fire escape near you. my first thought was to store yarn in it (of course) but i think i will use it to hold my extra blankets in the living room. so we had a handmade xmas all around at Chez Knotty.

i am using my knitpicks circs to knit the sleeves of the bubble pullover. it's entirely possible that i may finish this sweater before the end of the year. however, i have two fears: 1) i think i'm going to run out of yarn before i finish the collar. and i really mean it this time. 2) i think i may have created my first ever sweater that is too small. it fits pretty snuggly. like almost painfully so. i'm going to put my faith in a good blocking, but i'm holding my breath that all will be well.

i plan to do an end of year retrospective, but it will take me some time to do so. for now i would like to go over some future plans for 2007. i had the goal originally to knit 4 non-stockinette sweaters this winter. i have two almost completed--if i finish them both in january, i'll be halfway to my goal.

i've been going back and forth about what sweater patterns i want to knit. i'm definitely going to make Ariann with the blue berroco ultra alpaca that i bought from webs. i even have the buttons. i'm debating whether or not i want to knit the asymmetrical cardigan from knitting nature. i really like the pattern but the sizing is so large, i'd have to tinker with it. and it looks like my first attempt at doing so (with the bubble pullover) isn't going so well. i really really want to make Sahara but i'm holding off buying the pattern until i make a few other things. i've saved my hipknits silk just for this project. maybe come springtime i'll be ready. and, although i no longer have the yarn to make it, i still really want a chocolate brown cardigan. i want it to be practical but not boring. i don't know what that means. i'm still stewing about it.

i want to make spicy jesse a hat. i really want to knit shedir but i'm not sure if it's too fancy for him. i've come very close to ordering this cashmere several times, but i'm trying to make a concerted effort not to buy yarn. but it's so tempting. so so tempting. i also plan to knit a center square for me and i still want a cabley hat to match my pink coat. i think i will content myself with just finishing the thrummed mittens and the anatolian mittens because i'm starting to realize if i start a new pair, i'm just never going to finish them. Ever.

i also want to finish babette's blanket this winter, because i'm really not that far away and it will look so nice on my couch.

i probably shouldn't mention all the socks i want to knit. now that i know that spicy is an appreciative sock recipient, there's all those socks in Knitting Vintage Socks that would be perfect for him. and i really want to buy some more trekking. i have a lot of shepherd's baby wool and i want to knit a pair of norwegian stockings. i'm also interested in knitting a pair of lacy socks, like rowan's anna but i don't want to buy the magazine just for that pattern. i'm sure i can find a lacy sock pattern that is similar.

i want to get back to knitting lace as well, but it's not on my immediate agenda. i also want to knit my dad and my mom sweaters for their birthdays this year, so technically i should really get cracking on it. like yesterday.

and i haven't even started on the sewing plans. it's gonna be a busy year.

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