Friday, December 08, 2006

for the love of god, i am so bored

so i got upgraded to blogger beta. we'll see how it goes. i'm glad they finally have a post tag feature.

it's friday. my progress on misty garden goes ever so slowly. that's all the knitting-related news i had to say. but at least there's a new knitty to review.

Center Square: I love this hat. i want to make one. it'll have to wait til after xmas.

Calorimetry: cute headband, kind of like the infamous panta. i might make some as xmas gifts if i have time.

Hexed: this is just ridiculous. she looks like she's wearing a cardboard turtle shell on her head.

Antifreeze: pointless for those of us who do not ski or rob banks.

Binary: kind of a neat idea, but only appropriate for the excessively dorky or matrix fans. wait, i guess i covered it with just the first label.

Argosy: pretty, but i swear i've seen another scarf almost exactly like this one. it looks better in the silk garden version. this is probably one of those patterns i'll forget about in a few minutes.

Corazon: i like the option of knitting top-down or bottom-up, but the design itself isn't all that inspiring. i'll take folk mittens anyday.

Tiffany: now this is more like it. i really like this design, but i hate the colors it is shown in. i wish there was at least one other example mitten in different colors. i might be tempted to make this one, if i didn't have Terminal Second Mitten Syndrome.

Legwarmer Socks: exactly as bad as they sound. why knitty gods, why???

Rolling Thunder: i don't really get beaded socks. i don't like the design, either.

Monkey: cookie is a genius. the only one of her socks i didn't like was hedera, and that is because it's been done many times before. i really like this one, however, and will probably knit it eventually.

Eiffel: at first glance it's pretty, but it seems impractical for winter. it also has way too much ribbing, and on closer inspection, it somehow manages to look both slutty and little old lady at the same time.

Lauren: ok i can't avoid making this sound really mean. is all handspun ugly? because a lot of the patterns for handspun sure are. this issue of magknits comes to mind.

Emerald: i love this sweater. it's in the round. it would be a quick knit. it is calling to me that i neeeeed to order some bulky merino. i hope to knit this one someday.

Twinkletoes: cute, but there is a cuter pair in handknit holidays.

Spanish Dancer: meh. i got nothin.

Slingshot: sometimes knitty takes whimsy too far. this seems like one of those instances. a friend recently told me that in canada, they do not utilize those corrugated cardboard sleeves for coffee. maybe that is why this seemed like a good idea?

Babe: pointless winter sports accessories makes sara something-something...[go crazy?] don't mind if i dooooo.

Venezia: not to be confused with eunny's sweater pattern. beads. wire. knitting. ok, but you could just go to pier 1 or target and pick some up. your hands would probably hurt less.

Brown Bag: another miii, for me. i don't really like felting. and i have a huge stock of plastic grocery bags that hold my lunch just as well, thank you very much.

Starsky Jr: knitty keeps doing this. tempting and tempting II, haiku and sonnet, boo and boo too...and now this? maybe i just don't get it because i don't have kids. but it mostly feels like lame recycling to me. if you want to resize your pattern or insert a slightly different stitch pattern, post an alternative version to the original.

Blended hues: see above mention that i don't have kids.

Piggle: no kidz x 3.

Norberta: again with the no kids thing, but i really hate knitted toys. like knitted cupcakes, i just don't see the point. having said that...

Sheldon: this is the cutest knitted toy i have ever seen. i would almost be tempted to knit one. that is, if i didn't think that knitted toys were a waste of time.

Book of Knitty: this is just completely idiotic. i am lame but i am nowhere near this lame. why would anyone ever make this?

all in all, i think this is a pretty good issue. there are 3-4 patterns i would consider knitting, along with the usual "what the hell were they thinking?" items that have become a staple of knitty. the articles this time around were pretty good too. i'm seriously debating making a shibori scarf as a last minute gift.

now back to staring into space for two more hours.


  1. ok, thank you for posting this. i agree with almost all your comments, and i've been debating posting something similar, but i feel like it would come across as too snarky and bitter since my submission for this issue was rejected. and of course i am snarky and bitter, but no one has to know that. :P (and seriously - the book of knitty? wtf??)

  2. Yeah, I agree with you on most of these. There's not a single pattern in this issue that I'll be running out to buy yarn for, though I may make those Cookie A socks sometime. I feel like there's a really specific target group most of these are being aimed at (snowboarders, hockey players, people who wear insane hats, people who wear pigtails enough to need specific hats for them, people who own cloth napkins, whiny coffee drinkers, moms) and I don't belong to a single one of 'em.

  3. Handspun isn't all like that! Don't be discouraged!

    Have you ever looked at my handspun?

    I actually like most of the new knitty patterns.

    I'm glad we have free Knitty and a ton of patterns to chose from these days, something for everyone!

  4. Yeah, check out Sarah's hand spun. She does awesome work. But, I must agree with you with the patterns. There were not any of them that I really cared for, but meh, they are free.

  5. To quote Rod Stewart, "Have I told you lately that I love you?"

    Everything that I thought and more. Spot on. ('cept, I like the brown bag)



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