Tuesday, December 26, 2006

the end of xmas

my brother and his wife received their gifts yesterday, so here they are.

Mimi Verylong scarf, knitpicks shadow in vineyard, less than one skein, #9 bamboo dpns (only 2--I needed the grabiness of bamboo). with fringe, the scarf is a little over 60", i think, so it's not so verylong.
Mimi Verylong Scarf
i've actually made this pattern once before, so it went smoothly and quickly. i love the bias diagonal ends of the scarf.

for my brother: widdershins from knitty, briggs and little durasport in grey, less than one skein, #2 addi turbos using magic loop. the foot length is 12".
Widdershins from knitty
i had a few problems with the heel on sock #1, but i think it was because i was excessively tired. the second sock went smoothly. i will probably use this pattern again for toe-up socks. i was pleasantly surprised by the yarn. it softened up a great deal after washing, and produced a spongy thick fabric. i would use this yarn again for socks, despite all the vegetable matter.

now that i'm done, i picked up the bubble pullover again. i am working on sleeve #1. it's high time that i had a new sweater.

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  1. Dannnng! Your FOs are all impressive. I really like that Mimi Verylong. And wow, your brother's feet are 12" long? (Yup, this is why I can't fathom knitting a man socks!)



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