Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Catching Up

so several knitting related things have happened but i've been rather busy of late.

firstly, i received my knitted thing swap gift from my swap angel, The Midnight Farm.
The Midnight Farm Swap Angel
it's a ribbed scarf and a nakiska headband out of a nubby stretchy cotton/elastic blend (if i had to guess at content). this is a great example of why these swaps are a good thing. i never would've picked this kind of yarn to knit myself, but i really love the finished product. i wore the headband today and i am in love with its stretchy goodness.

i received victorian lace today and knitting vintage socks in the mail from amazon. i think that the lace book is very pretty and i'd like to eventually knit quite a few of them, but for now my lace scarf xmas deadline is all about what i can knit quickly. i've started a mimi verylong in some purple knitpicks shadow. i'm still debating what pattern i should use for the other two scarves, but right now i'm aiming towards an opera scarf and maybe a mobius neckwarmer.

i'd have to say i was more immediately impressed by the sock book, especially the number of knitable mens' patterns. i find myself wanting to make several of the socks in the book for Spicy J, but i'll settle for finishing the country socks first.
1st country sock at gusset decreases
it doesn't make for very exciting WIP pictures. the cuff is 12.25" long. i am up to the gusset decreases. i did not do the calf shaping and so i have to knit a plain foot because i forgot to recenter the rib pattern on the instep.

today i went thrift store shopping at lunchtime and i got 2 cotton sweaters to frog for 4 bucks. i'm planning to use the yarn for some nice all-weather hats. more xmas presents perhaps?

i also bought a wool jcrew hoodie just like one i used to own. it was my favorite before the Great Red Wine Debacle of 2005. this version is not petite and it's a weird shade of green instead of oatmeal, but i was thinking about dyeing it. any hints i could use?

and now you are caught up.

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