Friday, December 29, 2006

2006 was a very good year

on the knitting and crochet front, i started off the year with two pairs of socks, and ended with the same. i made 16 pairs this year. not a record, but my skills have vastly improved and i discovered that i prefer tall knee socks whenever possible, like these.
Stockings with Clocks from Folk Socks
the stockings with clocks were my favorite pair. i finished them in a reasonable amount of time without too much SSS. i owe it all to the fascinating colors of trekking xxl.

i had a handful of tragic mishaps, and some things i like but just never wear or use.

not everything was interesting to knit, but some things get a lot of wear.

there are 27 out of 81 pics in the flickr set that are gifts. my goal for next year is to follow through with my pledge to make really nice birthday gifts for my loved ones. xmas is a little too rushed and my family and friends deserve something really nice. my favorite gift of this year?
Finished shawl modeled
my grandma's leaf lace shawl: my only completed lace shawl to date.

my favorite knitting book of the year was Mason-Dixon Knitting. i quickly went dishcloth crazy--so many simple ideas that i never would've thought of. and i haven't even made it to all the afghan patterns yet.

this was the year that i finally "got" lace knitting. i warmed up with the simple, progressed to something a little more complicated, and then finally finished something out of that giant mohair stash i've been collecting. last but not least, i overcame what i was beginning to think was unknittable--Rowan Butterfly.
Butterfly is finally finished
i consider this one to be my biggest accomplishment of 2006, mostly because of the horrible struggle i had. i'm not exactly known for my perseverence. not only was it difficult to knit and beautiful to look at, but it actually fits. and looks pretty darn good modeled too.

next year, i pledge to make complex gifts for my family and friends. i want to become more adept at colorwork. this year i *will* get around to making the norwegian stockings. i'm slowly making my way through the entire folk socks book.
Babette's blanket through section 8
i also want to finish this blanket and make it a focal point of my living room. i want to do more cables and lace. and sweaters. lots and lots of sweaters.

can't wait to see what 2007 has in store for me.

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  1. Any year that contains this much purple is a good year! Keep up the good work, and a Happy New Year to you!



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