Thursday, November 30, 2006

Touch Me, Vintage Velvet

Vintage Velvet from Scarf Style
i finally got around to taking some (crappy) photos of Vintage Velvet this morning. pattern is from scarf style, i used 5 skeins of muench touch me in barbie pink on #8 aluminum straights.
Vintage Velvet detail
i must say that the book was right. felting the scarf improved its appearance a million-fold. it's very soft and has that aged velvet look. it's just lovely. when i took the damp scarf out of the dryer, i stretched it out a lot, because the original finished size pre-felting was rather short. the length is perfect now.

the negatives (because unfortunately, there are always some): the scarf, even while just a little damp, took forever to dry. this does not bode well for clammy, wet, cold rochester weather. i knew going in that the scarf would probably not be that warm. but look, ain't it purty? also, the pattern itself is basically a rib pattern with a cable twist thrown in every once in awhile. which means that it was dull as dishwater to knit. it took me a lot longer than i thought it would to finish because i just got so bored. but overall i am very happy with the results. and it's purty.

so what do i do when i finish a boring rib patterned item? obviously, the answer is that i cast on for another one.
Country Socks from folk socks
Country Socks from Folk Socks for a mystery xmas present. the cuff is almost 10 inches so far. i'm not sure how long i should make them, and i'm already worried about running out of yarn. the rib pattern is actually not that unbearable though. i think it's because it's only a 4-row repeat. i cannot express how much i just want to keep these socks for myself. but i won't. because i care. or something like that.

oh, and look! the Sahara pattern is finally available! i'm debating whether i should keep my hipknits silk to make this sweater. i'll think on it for awhile. i'm not starting any new sweaters until i finish some old ones.

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  1. Wow! That looks really cool.

    Way better than in the book.

    And, I must say, your sewing is getting great! That dress a few posts back rocks. You have a fun sense os style and I love seeing what you come up with!

  2. Very cute scarf. I am loving the Barbie pink. And sometimes the boring knits become the most wearable ones.



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