Friday, November 17, 2006


oh sweet, sweet television. what progress can be made when watching House on DVD and then The Office and Grey's Anatomy. i KNEW that Pam's sweater was from anthropologie. "my mom made it," my ass. i remember seeing that sweater in the catalog, because i really liked it, but wasn't crazy about the ribbon belt. i liked it better with the button.

but i digress. i am 3 inches away from being finished with the body of BPT. i elected to do 4 inches of 2x2 ribbing at the bottom, rather than the attached icord, because i never really liked how the original sweater looked, and i want my hoodie to look more like the one i used to have from jcrew before it died and went to sweater heaven.
BPT in progress
it is possible that i could've been finished with the body last night, except that i hearted the tv a little too much and wasn't paying attention on a cable row. i reversed one of the double cables (again) and had to rip back 8 rows. that kind of sucked. but it's all better now and i'm sailing along.

i've been thinking more about future projects, as well. i think i might use the pink cascade indulgence to make a cardigan for arwen from the new IK, because alpaca and angora are both very warm fibers, and i fear that i would never wear a pullover that hot. plus i am someday going to make the riviera sweater with alpaca and silk and i was originally envisioning a very similar style for the indulgence. and how many deep shawl collar / cowl neck / whatever they are calling it these days sweaters does one human need? i'm thinking, one. a hoodie on the other hand--one can never have enough of those.

i also purchased eunny's deep v argyle vest and i was thinking about using the rowanspun 4-ply in brown and the yorkshire tweed 4-ply in teal. don't worry, i will swatch. i would probably have to rework all the numbers anyway because i am both shorter and narrower than the pattern. mostly this thought experiment is to prove that i listen to the suggestions of my readers of putting brown and teal together, albeit in a different garment. here's the reason why, if i go with the blue ariann sweater, i don't want to put in a few rows of brown. i have severe issues with wearing brown and black together. as in, i NEVER do it. if i make the blue, i want to be able to wear it with both brown and black. so no brown hem. sorry. but i do think that the two colors are pretty together. and it just so happens that i have 2 4ply yarns in similar shades that i have no clue what to do with. see, don't you love it when it all works out?

maybe i will use the brown ultra alpaca to make a knockoff of pam's anthropologie sweater. but that'll be about 8 sweaters down the queue. and i'm sure i'll forget about it/change my mind before then.


  1. Ooo, I really like the way your BPT is turning out. I think it looks a lot better in the solid color.

    Hey, I totally agree that that sweater will be really hot. I'm knitting it kind of loose, but still! But whenever it's too hot she can just stick it on the shop dummy or something.

  2. Ooh, I loved Pam's sweater last night too! After she said her mom knitted it, I kept staring at it to see if if was hand-knitted "for reals". The funny thing is that I had seen that sweater on Anthropolgie and loved it there too! If you figure out how to knit it, I'd love to see it!

  3. Your BPT is going to be really great and I like your ribbed edge better.



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