Saturday, November 04, 2006

somebody give me a cookie.

yay! i finished my last pair of socks in progress. Baudelaire from knitty, mountain colors bearfoot in reds, toe-up on #2 bamboo and brittany birch dpns (i had to use bamboo for sock #2 as the brittanys are being used for the anatolian mittens), 60 st inc to 68 st at the cuff.
Baudelaire from knitty

Baudelaire side view
here's the side view. i accidentally made both cables go the same direction, because i can't read patterns, evidently. i like the way the heel was constructed, but the foot is a little large. maybe it would've fit better if i'd done the instep pattern. the yarn is some of the nicest that i've worked with. very soft and warm on the foot. i can't tell you why it took me so long to make sock #2, except that i was trying to finish the mittens first in order to use the same needles. the pattern was really engaging, and i would be tempted to make another pair in a solid color.

i'm so proud that all of my unfinished socks have mates. and now i have 4 new pairs in just a little over a month. as a reward, i bought one hank of sKNITches syncopation self-striping sock yarn. i saw this yarn in the socktoberfest pool and knew i had to get some. now i'm conflicted as to whether i should make the koigu socks first, or start a pair of knee highs with this skein.
sKNITches syncopation self-striping yarn

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  1. oooo pretty! Very nice socks, and that is really gorgeous new yarn. Whichever you knit first I can't wait to see!

  2. Love those red socks. Very nice!

  3. I'm searching for some nice red sock yarn to make myself a pair of these, too.

  4. Love the socks. I think these socks were made for red yarn. Great job!

  5. Gorgeous! I've really been drawn to red yarn lately.



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