Wednesday, November 15, 2006

some progress shots and a choice

well, i found the "stretch stitch" on my sewing machine. and i tried it. and the stupid fabric still kept getting caught. so i'm putting the halter top in timeout for now. it's not like i can wear it in the near future anyway.

i've been lax about the work in progress photos lately. i feel like it must seem as though my finished objects spring from my head grown and fully armed, like Athena. if only that were true.

Ripple Weave sock progress
i'm halfway through the third pattern repeat on the first sock. i've been sloooowly working on this one. i think i ran out of sock mojo when socktober ended. plus, it's a 20-row pattern repeat. it is likely that i will switch back to #1 kp circs after i finish this repeat, so maybe it'll be fun then. meh.

BPT from knitty
i decided not to start over on BPT. if i rip it out, i will never go back to the pattern. and then the Cone will continue to languish til the end of my days. plus, i am trying to let go of being so anal retentive. so what if the arms are a little baggy? i have store bought sweaters that don't fit perfectly. i still wear them. i'm up to the waist decreases. i kinda forgot about that sleeve thing. unless something tragic happens, i really do think i'll finish this one. and then i'll probably bitch because it isn't perfect. what can ya do?

finally, i have a choice to make. i bought the pattern to make chicknits ariann sweater. i really wanted a soft and drapey but wearable cardigan. so i chose berroco ultra alpaca, which appears to be a good yarn sub. but i'm not sure which color i should choose.
Berroco Ultra Alpaca
brown would be practical, but i'm already planning to make another cardigan in chocolate brown. plus i really like the blue. but it's less practical. but i'm trying to knit more cardigans in order to prove that they don't have to be boring and plain and go with everything. plus i have a lot of blue pullovers, so a cardi would be ideal. but i really like both colors. and brown would go with everything. right now i'm aiming towards the blue, but i can't make up my mind. maybe i will have a yarn epiphany. it hasn't happened yet, though.


  1. Hmmm... I like the teal and brown together!

  2. Make it in the blue! It will be lovely and it will match with more than you think.

  3. I love that pattern - I hadn't seen it before.

    Go with the blue - it is neutral enough that should you become fixated on the cardigan and want to wear it everyday (which I suspect would be my response) you can change out pant colors and be good to go.

    The brown is pretty, but not special enough for this pattern.

  4. Why not a tiny bit of brown on the edges... like casting on with the brown, knitting one row, then continuing in blue? The colors DO look good together, it wouldn't take much yarn, and it would add some visual interest. I always like that little peek of another color. ( a la ) Also, when you do raglan sleeves out like you are on BPT, it wouldn't be hard to decrease a little as you go, to make them less baggy. Of course, if your stitch count for them is too high to begin with (which has happened to me before!) there's not a whole lot you can do. <:|

  5. I like the blue too, or the blue with a bit of brown suggestion.

    About your troubles with your sewing the knit fabric: do you have a new ballpoint needle in your machine? A dull needle with make the machine "eat" the fabric. Also a ballpoint needle is specially designed for use with knits, it goes between the fibers instead of splitting them.

    Those socks are very pretty.

  6. My first instinct is to vote for brown...but that deep teal-blue just happens to be my new favorite color. I tend to use a lot of neutrals, but I sometimes wind up wishing I had gone for more interesting colors. It's not like the blue is outrageous. You really can't go wrong with either.

  7. Love the socks!

    Everything is coming along beautifully. And I also suggest going with the blue.



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