Saturday, November 25, 2006

so it's a sewing weekend

i've been working on the pink touch me scarf, but it goes fairly slowly because i get fatigued after completing a pattern repeat. i haven't touched BPT, but i have a funny story to make up for it. my friend the medical doctor stayed over at my house and slept in my craft room, so she saw all of my fabric and yarn. she saw my BPT sweater and said, "wow, you sew your own sweaters?" (i didn't bother to correct need to split hairs) then she said, "it's one thing to sew a scarf, but to sew your own sweaters? that's like rocket science." this, from the doctor. anyway.

Butterick 4789, View B
Butterick 4789, View B, size 8, rayon-lycra jersey from Lucy's Fashion Fabrics, 2 yds of 56".
Butterick 4789, Back
this pattern was pretty easy to sew. there are only two pattern pieces. i really like the v-neck in the back and how the front/back fit together to make nice drapey cap sleeves. i had to shorten the dress by 3 inches and it is still much longer on me than it is on the model.
Butterick 4789, twist detail
Here's the twist detail. the instructions were less than clear, but once i ignored them and just followed the diagram, it was a lot easier. the bottom portion of the twist underneath the bodice is kind of baggy. i feel ever so slightly pregnant, as the extra fabric balloons right over my belly. but i think the print obscures it. i also feel like the style is probably better suited in the top version than the dress. i would make another top, but this will probably be my last dress from this pattern. the print is also very loud. i am undecided as to whether it is too loud. maybe with the right jacket and smoky bar atmosphere, it would be ok.

i'm pretty happy with how this one turned out. i'm not sure how often i'll wear it, but it's a fun dress, and it didn't take long to sew.

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  1. I love it! It looks great on you and from looking at the pics I didn't even consider pregnancy until I read what you wrote. I think even with the print its slimming. Now you need some big black earring and a headband! Fab!

  2. It's very cute. I think the print you used works much better than the crazy dots in the link. Great job!

    Soon enough you probably actually will sew scarves, just to confuse your friend further.

  3. It looks sooooo cute! I love it!


  4. I love the dress! What a great job. I agree that the print obscures the slight poof. You look awesome in it and I don't think you need a jacket.

  5. Your dress is really cute! I don't think it looks baggy at all, and the print is gorgeous!

  6. Absolutely beautiful job on the dress!!!


  7. The dress looks great! I LOVE the print and think it was a perfect choice for this pattern.

  8. Gorgeous dress - the twist detail is very cool. And from the photos, I'd say it is a really flattering shape. Should not cause any "baby bump" speculation from the paparazzi.



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