Monday, November 06, 2006

sharing my tale of woe

Ripple Weave, take 1
i started the ripple weave socks from fall VK 2006 in koigu like i had originally planned. i whipped out my new knitpicks #1 circs to try. the pattern is really fun, i love koigu, and the kp circs are working out really well with the pointiness and the twisted stitches. but sadly, the sock doesn't fit. *tear* no, i am forced to again face facts that i was born with gargantuan calves. i ripped out the cuff and have started over on #2 dpns.

but i had a nice surprise to make up for my disappointment. Beverly from the knittyboard sent me a wonderful RAK, some vintage silk. it was so sweet of her, and i already have a pattern in mind for it. i just have to trace it and find the time to sew. thank you so much for thinking of me!
RAK from Beverly


  1. I know it is completely arbitrary, but I have to knit Koigu socks on US 2s, or it just doesn't work. (I don't' swatch for socks. I just start knitting them and can tell in the first inch what will work and what won't.)
    I Lurve, LOVE that silk fabric. Kisses to the giftee!

  2. I love the Zigzig scarf in the post below! The hat too! But I need to see a pic of you in it to see how cool it really is (I doubt it could make you look like a jackass...)

    I always knit Koigu socks on 2s too.



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