Thursday, November 09, 2006

progress of sorts

just in case you wanted to share my disgust with pooling colors...
Ripple Weave socks, take 2
it's actually worse on the other side. i probably would've proved my point more effectively if i'd flipped the sock over. oh well.

i got some stuff in the mail.
Patons SWS
From, i ordered some Patons SWS in Natural Navy and Natural Plum to try, as well as some eucalan woolwash, and a purse handle for my brea bag. i had to try out the Soy Wool Stripes, so i cast on for a Short-Row hat from Interweave Knits.
Short-Row Hat from IK
I'm using #8 inox circs. i think that the SWS is thicker than the specified yarn, because the hat is not really human-sized, but i plan on gently hand-felting the hat when i'm done to fit Wiggy (and hopefully a real person as well). the yarn is interesting to work with. it splits a little bit, and it sort of feels like fiberglass insulation, but not as unpleasant as i'm making it sound. the colors are a great match for the pattern, and i'm looking forward to finishing the hat. i would possibly consider making a sweater from the yarn, but i am eager to try Rowan Tapestry as well before i decide.

and finally, i got my artful yarns serenade in the mail from bronwyn.
Artful yarns Serenade from Bronwyn
yarndex lists it as worsted weight, but it feels thinner to me. i was going to make the leaf lace pullover from IK/Loop-d-Loop, but now i'm not so sure it's appropriate. i'll have to think on it for awhile. she also sent me a drop spindle and some roving to try. i'm a little scared to start yet another new craft, but i'm intrigued as well.


  1. Ooooh, I LOVE the color of the Serenade. So pretty! And that's too bad about the Koigu, it looked so nice and unpooly in the first version...


    all I need to say here.



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