Thursday, November 16, 2006

not crafty, but entertaining nonetheless

i didn't do anything crafty last night. if you are curious about what i did do, head on over here to find out. on a crafty-related note, while i was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to salvage my dinner, the doorbell rings. approximately 2 hours too early for Spicy Jesse to arrive. i was not happy. but it turns out it was not Spicy Jesse, but the UPS man, delivering my order from
Amy Butler fabrics
within there were 2 amy butler prints and 2 cotton solids, 2 yards of each. i am going to make a duro dress and wasn't sure how to make things matchy matchy, but i figured some combo of the four would work. and because i'm the most indecisive person on the planet, i can't make up my mind if i like the yellow solid or the brown solid with the bottom print more. i think i will probably use the brown to make the dress more fall/wintery. the top print does not match either solid, and i think i will use it to make a cabo halter. one that doesn't get eaten by my sewing machine.

i really do appreciate all of the tips and advice that people give me. but here is what i don't like about sewing. i don't think i have any ballpoint needles. and i definitely don't have any tear away stabilizer. it's not easy for me to get all of these things because i have limited transportation. sewing goes quickly, but it just seems like you need so much crap. i don't have easy access to crap. i have to plan ahead if i want crap. and who wants to think that much?

i hope that when the duro dress pattern arrives at my doorstep, i will not need too much crap. thread i can get from the home decorating store around the corner, but anything else is more difficult.

on a final note, i have a confession to make. i don't like people. well, i don't like a lot of people. and i tend not to talk to people i don't know very well. and i'm scared to knit in public. but i like coffee shops. and bars. and i was thinking about trying to start attending a knitting group, but i am on the fence. and it's on thursdays and i can't miss the office and grey's anatomy. but i'm trying to be more social and less pathetic. but it's a lot easier to just be pathetic. so i don't know if i will go. but maybe someday i will go. because everybody needs more friends. even neurotic non-social people like me.


  1. That's very pretty fabric you got there! Isn't it great when you get a package full of crafty stuff? It's like a Birthday -- several times a year!

  2. I don't really even sew and I love Amy Butler's designs! I have some of her fabric in my quilting stash (for "someday.") I tend to be like that too... not antisocial, just very picky about who I spend time with. I am happier with a book or knitting + dvds than I am in a social setting. I read and loved "Table for One" (It has a sheep on the cover.) It is REALLY good, I'd definitely recommend it.

  3. Girl, if you don't have tear away stabilizer, try some sew in interfacing, tissue paper, or something else that will tear away....

    But sorry, no subs for the ball point needles....I would have suggested that you try a ball point pen, but I am pretty sure that just won't work.



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