Thursday, November 02, 2006

i'm on a roll now.

i'm almost caught up.

Zigzag stripes from Scarf Style, designed by Debbie Bliss. I used Cascade 220 in black, red, green, and blue, and Lamb's Pride Worsted in orange. #8 inox circs, length is a little over 60".
Zigzag Stripes from Scarf Style

This was an easy and very quick knit. i think i finished it in two days. i really like the color combo. i debated putting the pompoms on the ends like the scarf in the book, but in the end i decided to avoid anything resembling Scary Clown Syndrome. i think the scarf is whimsical enough without them. it wears very nicely with my puffy white jacket. the yarn is a bit scratchier than i would prefer for a scarf, but it's not too awful. maybe i am just ultra-sensitive these days.
Zigzag stripes

Next up is Vinter Lue, from knitty. knit in the same yarns as mentioned above, on the same #8 inox circs. it looks very cute on the floor. i look like a jackass when i wear it. i really should not wear earflap hats--practical but oh so stupid-looking. fortunately i have tons of black cascade 220 leftover, so i can probably make another plain hat at a future date.
Vinter Lue from knitty

i still have the mittens to make for this accessories set, but mittens seem to be my downfall. i don't know when i will get to them.

right now i'm working on Baudelaire #2, and i'm up to the patterned leg portion. i will be so proud of myself when all of my single socks have mates.

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  1. I love it! The colors are fabulous together. I've been looking for a chevron scarf pattern, and I totally missed that one - I'll have to go dig up my book.

  2. Very cute ensemble. I'm sure you look better in the hat than you think. It would be impossible to look like a jackass in that adorable hat ;)



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