Monday, November 27, 2006

i felted and new projected.

i felted the touch me scarf. the center cable feels very dense. i pulled it out of the dryer while still slightly damp as specified and stretched the bejesus out of it. it is taking a very long time to dry. so no pictures.

i started another project. i would feel more guilty, but it's for an xmas gift. i'm making the country socks from Folk Socks. it took me forever to pick a pattern, because i wanted a stretchy rib pattern that wasn't too dull to knit, but not overly complicated because my yarn is very dark and stitch patterns are not going to show very well. i also didn't want to think too hard, so i wanted a pattern written for the yarn weight that i have, and it would be helpful if the socks are stretchy enough to accommodate an uncertain leg/foot circumference, plus i need to make sure i can make fairly tall socks without running out of yarn. whew. it's hard to knit socks for other people. i considered and eventually rejected the retro rib socks from IK, the rib and cable socks also from IK, several rib/cable patterns from KOTR, all of the 4 and 5 stitch patterns from sensational knitted socks, the "go with the flow" pattern from knit get the idea. i almost decided to do plain 2x2 rib, but thankfully i found the Country Socks pattern. i'm a tiny bit worried about my stitch count, but the sock appears to fit comfortably on the fullest part of my calf, and it is unlikely that any sock recipient is going to have larger calves than i do. i'm probably up to about 4 inches on the cuff of the first sock. but no pictures.

i got an amazon gift certificate, so i finally ordered knitting vintage socks and i also picked up victorian lace today. one can never have enough knitting books. and clearly i don't have enough sock patterns, since it took me an hour to find one that fits my specifications.

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  1. I'm totally down with that rationalisation of the book purchase.

    An hour is just outrageous. ;)



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