Tuesday, November 14, 2006


so last night i cut out my amy butler cabo halter. instead of cotton, i'm using a 4-way stretch polka-dotted lycra, which unfortunately, feels rather cheap (stupid internet). anyway, when i tried to sew a seam, the fabric kept getting sucked into my machine. WTF? i finally gave up in frustration. i consulted the internet for help in sewing swimwear fabrics, and evidently i should be using a narrow zigzag. so i'll try that next, but if that doesn't work, i'm throwing it in the garbage. i feel frustratingly thwarted, especially since i keep envisioning how cute my polka dot halter top will be. because it's exactly the kind of shirt i need in the dead of winter. nobody ever said i was practical.

i also realize that one of the raglan cables on my bpt has one twist that is the reverse of what it should be. great that i figured that out now, because i'm already to the body portion. which means that i will be leaving the errant cable because it is on the back and i really don't feel like ripping all the way back to before i separated for the sleeves. but of course it bugs me. and it's in solid green cascade 220 which means that it is pretty visible. i just keep telling myself that the hood will cover it up. it probably will. other than that issue, i am having fun with the pattern. i plan to knit the body until the waist shaping and then do the sleeves so that i won't put it off forever and never finish the sweater (hello, bubble pullover). i have no idea why my fear of sleeves is so great. but i've frogged more than one sweater that was finished except for the sleeves. *sigh*

Edited to say: i may end up frogging back and starting over after all. i've looked up several finished bpts on the web, and they all have unsightly baggy sleeves. i've tried mine on a few times, because i made fewer raglan increases than the pattern calls for. but i thought it was weird that the sleeves looked like they would be so lumpy. i figured maybe the cable will draw in the sleeves more, but no. all the finished sweaters i've seen have ugly baggy sleeves. i don't think i can handle ugly baggy sleeves on an otherwise slim-fitting sweater. i may end up starting over with fewer sleeve stitches at the cast on, at which point i can fix that errant cable. or i could just give up and knit a different pattern. damn you, cone!

i'm up to pattern repeat #3 of the ripple weave socks, and guess what? i am probably going to run out of yarn. ugh. i should've known after bad experience beta with this sock that it was cursed. for now i am still plugging away. i was thinking of stopping the cuff after i finish repeat #3, even though there are supposed to be 6.

i think that november is turning out to be a bad crafty month for me. my social calendar has been pretty full. for example, in the past seven days, i've had Spicy Jesse over for dinner, spent an evening out with the girls, had thursday off, had dinner with the former roomie and watched borat with spicy jesse, then even more time with SJ/buddies saturday and sunday, and then monday off. and now it's ladies' nite again. plus all that working and stuff. though i'm not complaining. fun is good.

i would like to finish one pair of socks and bpt in november. i think it's still possible, especially with the holiday approaching. we'll see.


  1. That stinks about your top. I hope you get your crafting mojo back soon!

  2. Swimsuit fabric is hard....but try this on some scraps....

    1. Brand new needle try a ball point needle

    2. Silicon lube on the thread....lube the thread by running a bead of lube down the entire spool of thread in three places.

    3. Put a piece of tear away stabilizer under the fabric so that the fabric does not get pushed down.




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