Wednesday, November 01, 2006

and another one

btw, in looking at my previous post, does anybody else think that my legs are abnormally shiny? i just noticed.

anyway. i few weeks ago i had a house party. i woke up at the crack of dawn on a saturday, drank a pot of coffee, and scrubbed my entire apartment from top to bottom. it was spotless. it was sparkling. it was only 1:30 when i finished. i drank a *lot* of coffee that day. i tried to take a nap, but i was too restless. so instead i decided to make my place cuter by sewing some pillow covers for my bench.

Red pillow covers

i used some red twill from my mom's fabric stash. i just cut out 3 rectangles per pillow and sewed them together. they turned out pretty well. and they had the added bonus of being removable and therefore washable. this turned out to be very important, because at said party, somebody decided it would be brilliant to throw the pillows on the floor and at people, in the process spilling drinks and lime juice and garlic all over the place.

i have two more smaller pillows that i was going to put on the couch, but i haven't decided yet if i should sew or knit the covers. i'll probably sew them since knitting would take 5000 years.

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  1. It has always been weird to me that we (as hosts) scrub our homes to perfection for guests and then they come in and totally trash the place in the spirit of "party"! This is why I don't have parties, I don't want to clean the house twice in the same 24 hour period.
    Nice red pillows!
    As for shiny legs? If it isn't too strange to say it, your skin glows and you should be very happy about that. It means you're healthy.

  2. The pillows look so cute. I love that bench too.

  3. Maybe not 5000 years. You seem to be a fairly quick knitter.

    It looks great! I wish my couch looked so nice!

    I don't think your legs look overly shiny, I think they look well-moisturized.

  4. You are totally my crafty hero.



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