Wednesday, November 08, 2006

about those xmas gifts that i wasn't going to knit...

i am not knitting gifts
i am not knitting gifts
i am not knitting gifts

let's just say that i really really really want to knit shedir in navy ryc cashsoft, and i'm looking for an excuse to yarn shop. but i don't want to open the door to knit for Err-body. i'll ponder for awhile. nothing wrong with pondering. or pandering, for that matter.

so i'm making progress on the ripple weave socks, and they fit nicely this time. just one problem--the damn koigu is pooling. so freaking annoying. i think i might stick with it anyway because the pooling is less heinous than Lorna's Laces, but i'm still not thrilled.

i'll probably start knitty's BPT tonight in green cascade 220 (THE CONE!) because i'm irritated with all of my other projects. i've updated the sidebar to include future project ideas. there are quite a few and i keep thinking of more. plus they will change every five minutes because i am fickle. i'll call it part of the "creative process."

1 comment:

  1. Yes, the Koigu can pool some, not as bad as Shepherd Sock multis, but still. It irks me too.

    I love the little avatar girl in her imagined perfect red cocktail dress in the upper left blogspace. She is adorable!



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