Wednesday, October 11, 2006

just lounging around

My Amazon order FINALLY came, and i got Beck's The Information and Amy Butler's In Stitches. to celebrate, i made a pair of wide-leg lounge pants from the book.
Wide-leg lounge pants from In Stitches
The pattern was super easy. I shortened the waist by three inches and put in 1/2 inch elastic instead of doing the drawstring, which seemed unnecessarily complicated. i also shortened the length to have a 25" inseam, because of my stumpy legs. the fabric is a green cotton/poly blend i bought from joann's ages ago to make pj pants. the trim is from Debs' RAK. i definitely think that the addition of the trim makes the pants.
Lounge pants mods
they are really comfy and this will definitely be my go-to lounge pants pattern in the future.

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Mixed berry waffles sock #2
Progress on Mixed Berry Waffles sock #2. i can't tell you when i made the first one. a really friggin long time ago.

Bubble pullover on pentagon 4
more bubble pullover from knitting nature. i'm up to pentagon 4. i switched from using denise circs to addi turbos and the process has sped up considerably. i think i may need to invest in a knitpicks options set soon. i've been spoiled by addis. i can hardly stand to use my denise set anymore. the cord is just too thick, especially when using the #5s.

and finally--FINALLY--i finished Glee. it's blocking right now, but i thought i'd give a sneak peak. if you ever wanted to know what wet alpaca looks like up close...well here it is.
A preview of a finished Glee


  1. You are a mad sewin' fool :-) I love to make little pants like that. I generally do a drawstring attached to the elastic because I need an ever changeable waistline. But for a thin person it's a waste of time. So cute those pants! Congrats on finishing the sweater.

  2. The pants look great! Though I will admit the FO I'm dying to see is glee!

  3. Love the lounge pants!

    Damn, now you're really making me want to bust out the sewing machine!

  4. Yay! for lounge pants....I too am deficient in lounge pants right now.....but I have fabric all ready to go!

    Now I just need time to actually sew!



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