Friday, October 27, 2006

i wish i would finish something

so i could start something new.

i'm up to pentagon 8 of the bubble pullover. then all i have to do is the sleeves, the collar and the body ribbing. i draped it over my torso last night and i *think* it will fit. mostly i hate working on it because the yarn still smells like blue koolaid. it's very very stinky. nothing like that wet dog smell doused in fruity sugary goodness.

i started the second vesper sock. i'm hoping to finish pair #3 by the end of october, but i doubt very much that i'll make it.

i haven't been working on anything else. the hermione hat just isn't as fun the second time around--i think because i don't really enjoy working with kp elegance. it just doesn't compare with blue sky alpaca and silk or debbie bliss either.

i would really like to finish up baudelaire #2 after the vesper socks, and then i believe my next sock project will be a pair from fall vk and koigu. the ones that look kind of like pomatomus...i can't recall the name. ripple weave or something.

i saw knitandtonic's finished blue sky alpaca pleated skirt and now i'm dying to make one, regardless of how impractical it is. i just have to keep focusing on the impracticality.

i also want to buy a knitpicks options set, but i should probably hold off in case i get it for xmas.

i feel like i'm bogged down, trying to do too many things at once with not enough time, but i'm bored with everything.

i also have a crapload of fabric but haven't had the will to cut anything out. i'm planning to sew a burda wrap dress from some pretty red jersey i bought. not that i need a wrap dress. i should find myself an occasion. that would get me motivated.


  1. I have found that a vinegar bath followed by some eucalin gets rid of almost all of the kool-aidy smell.. doesn't work so hot on the cherry, but worked great on everything else.. My hands however, still smell like concentrated kool-aid :)

  2. Hey, I was inspired by you and bought a pattern and some fabric. Of course, my mother refuses to help me because she is too "busy" (playing computer games). Now I will have to wait til I find someone else to help me. :(



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