Wednesday, October 25, 2006

i lost my camera cord

and i'm still super busy at work. someday i'll post updates on stuff i'm sort of still making when i have a spare moment.


i'm sneaking some time to blog. i finally finished the mixed berry waffles socks. i feel kind of "eh" about them but at least they are done.

i made the world's most impractical tank top out of classic elite la gran mohair. i don't know what i was thinking. it's kind of cute and maybe i will wear it as a vest, but it is very very itchy. also fuzzy things just make me look fat. i don't know why i would think otherwise. i will never frog it, however. too much of a PITA.

i am getting close to finishing the body of the bubble pullover. it's kind of boring, but i can't wait to see how it looks.

i'm working on a hermione hat out of knitpicks elegance. the yarn feels decidedly un-alpaca/silk like. it's kind of weird. it's more like merino wool than alpaca. *shrug*

i finished the zigzag stripes scarf and matching hat. i don't like the hat. i doubt i'll ever wear it.

i sewed some pillows for my living room, but the covers need to be washed because they are all alcohol and lime juice and garlic soaked. don't ask. you don't want to know.

so see? i have been working on crafty things here and there. but mostly i've been so stressed at work that i go to bed early. it makes me feel very old.

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  1. I don't know how we keep up with all the cords and adapters and batteries and everything! I have shelf underneath where I charge my laptop that is a boar's nest of cords.



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