Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hot socks

Stockings with Clocks from Folk Socks
a pair of finished Stockings with Clocks, from Folk Socks. #1 metal dpns, 88 st dec to 68, trekking xxl #78. cuff is 12"

Clock detail
here's a detail shot of the seed stitch clock pattern. i normally don't like clock patterns, but this one i didn't mind. it seemed like a perfect fit for the yarn. i really like trekking. the yarn was splitty, and in the future i would use non-metal needles, but it's pretty soft and the colors are fun.

Faux seam detail
here's the faux seam on the back of the stockings. the shaping is integrated into the seam. i modified the pattern for length, made a regular slip-stitch heel, and knit a wedge toe.

Trekking leftovers
i ended up with a small amount of leftover yarn after all. i would definitely use this yarn again...if only i could easily obtain some.

i'm really happy with this pair. a perfect way to start off socktoberfest.

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  1. I agree about the splittyness. We carry it at my LYS so I can buy it at a discount for you, if you ever want more. (Not that I'm tempting you in any way. No sirree, bob!)

  2. Your shoes are sooo cute!
    The faux seam looks great...I'm impressed that you knit such tall socks :)

  3. Your socks are stunning! They really turned out well. That yarn is available at ""

  4. Ok, I've heard of these socks before, looked at the pattern even, and I don't see clocks! Are we talking the face of a clock or a grandfather type clock or nothing remotely even related to keep track of time? I'm confused. But the socks? Very pretty.

  5. thanks for the shoe compliments. i really like them too. :-)

    turtlegirl: a clock pattern just means that there is a pattern that runs down both sides of the socks and continues onto the foot. nancy bush explains it in folk socks but i can't recall right now the exact clock comparison reference.

  6. These are great! I love trekking colorways, even if the yarn isn't super soft or slick like other sock yarns.

  7. Love the socks--I am all about long socks these days. Great job.

  8. Very nice socks, Sara. I love the details!



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