Thursday, October 05, 2006

have i really knit that many socks?

i got a couple comments about my sock output. i didn't think that i'd knit that many pairs of socks either, to tell the truth, but upon further reflection...

there are 27 pairs of socks in my flickr set. there's also 6 more unpictured pairs of socks that i've given away that i can remember:

my first two pairs out of red elann esprit
patons kroy socks for my dad
2 pairs of charity baby socks
a pair of koigu anklets for my mom

there might be a few others that i can't remember. so it turns out that my estimate was wrong. i've knit at least 33 pairs. i don't know if i should really count the baby socks. 30 pairs then.

oddly, i don't feel like i own enough handknit socks. i have quite a few summer anklets, but i rarely wear socks in the warmer months. the toasty toes socks are thick and dead-of-winter only. my first attempt at stranded anything (tile socks) resulted in a toe hole that i haven't ever fixed. my earlier sockknitting career consisted of my knitting sock cuffs as long as the pattern specified, so i ended up with a bunch of pairs with 6 inch cuffs. i hate that length, so i tend not to wear those pairs. that really only leaves me with 4-5 pairs i wear all the time.

in short, i feel like i don't have enough socks. so i started another pair last night. i wound the hank of vesper sock yarn in tartan. i wanted to try my new #2 addi turbos, so i'm magic looping against my better judgment. i started toe-up, 60 st, but i really think it's too big, so i'll probably frog back and start over. i haven't decided yet whether to do the chevron pattern from sensational knitted socks or rpms. what do you think?

oh yeah. and just so you know how my sock yarn reduction goal is going--uh...not so well. i don't actually know how much sock yarn i had originally when i started posting the numbers. my original goal was to decrease my sock yarn stash by half by the conclusion of the year. there's no way it'll be fulfilled b/c i just keep buying more sock yarn. and my sock output has actually decreased. *sigh*


  1. I'm of the mindset that you can never have too many pairs of handknit socks!

    *goes to cast on another pair herself*

  2. You are sooo productive! I bow before your sock-knitting experience. And like Sarah, I am going to cast on some socks in your honor.

  3. I vote chevron. Those look really cool :D
    I wouldn't be too upset about the sock yarn stash unless you are moving sometime soon and have to worry about shipping everything!

  4. I've blog-stalked you long enough to see you whip out stuff pretty fast, so I didn't blink when I saw your original estimate. I'm fairly certain you're fast at most projects.
    The chevron pattern in Sensational Socks is pretty but it is a bit tight and non-stretchy like Grump's Jaywalkers. So keep that in mind. I made the chevrons and had to redo the legs as they were too tight. Even with added stitches I don't like them, they are my most disliked pair.

  5. Make the Chevron.....they are more pretty.



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