Thursday, October 12, 2006

Finished with glee

I have not been this thankful to be finished with something in a very long time.
Glee from Zephyrstyle
i give you: Glee from zephyrstyle, 4 hanks of blue sky alpaca and silk in gray, knit on #3 and #5 addi turbos. i only used the directions as a general guideline, so my guess is that my sweater is slightly smaller than the smallest size.
The back of Glee
First, the bad: i always thought that i was the sort of person who enjoys knitting a simple stockinette sweater. evidently i was wrong. this sweater was so boring to knit that i debated several times (and even after completion) whether i should just rip it out and use the yarn for something that wasn't such a snoozefest. i felt like i was committing a grave injustice to the yarn, b/c it's a little splitty and shows every inconsistency. blocking did help tremendously, but i still think it would've been better served in a pretty lace pattern. oh well. it's just a tiny bit itchy but since a tank top underneath is a must, it doesn't really matter. also, the top is a little sheer. i think that #5s were a bit loose for the yarn.

there's still more bad. i hate sewing on hook and eyes. i think i'm hook and eye deficient. i couldn't figure out from the photo which way i was supposed to be sewing them on and i think they might be backwards and/or upside down. i used the same number of hook and eyes that the pattern called for, but it gaps a lot.

now i can move onto the good and stop complaining. the style is very classic and elegant. it's almost like a really dressy polo or henley top. the fabric is soft, lightweight, and drapey. it's also extremely warm. this will be more of a plus as the weather turns colder. i love the style in gray. i'm sure i'll wear it very frequently, probably more so than a lot of sweaters that are more interesting to knit.
Glee hook and eye detail

ahh yes. i should add that i am too lazy to take off the sweater right now to measure it, but i know it has a lot of negative ease. i did not add waist shaping but the sweater is tight fitting enough that it doesn't look frumpy. with top down raglans, i normally go about the very scientific way of occasionally trying on the sweater and saying, "eh, that seems about right," with both the raglan increases and the overall length. and for once, there's an advantage to having no boobs. i can knit the entire sweater and not worry about shaping.

i started my winter accessories. i'm making the zigzag stripes scarf from scarf style. i'm using cascade 220 in black, red, blue, and green, and lamb's pride worsted in orange. i'm using #9 aluminum straights, but i bought some inox circs today b/c i really hate using the straights. i almost like the "wrong side" of the scarf better. i also plan to make a coordinating hat and mittens.
Zigzag stripes from Scarf Style, right side Zigzag stripes from Scarf Style, wrong side

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  1. Saw this on Flickr and I had to come check out the blog entry. Glee is on my To Knit list, but it does look pretty boring. How do you like the overall fit?

  2. That is A LOT of stockinette, but it came out really cute. Head out in public - I suspect you'll get enough compliments to make you forget about the boredom.

    (your lounge pants came out great too)

  3. I love that sweater. It looks so good. You did a great job knitting it.

  4. Sigh, I think that happens a lot, where the most boring knits are the most wearable ones. But, it's good that you got through it, because that is one gorgeous sweater! I love how the neckline looks on you.

  5. I am dying of boredom with my Glee too. Seeing how awesome yours turned out is giving me inspiration to keep going though. It looks so cute and classy. Great job.

  6. I'm glad you stuck it out-- the sweater is beautiful and very flattering. It must feel great, too. That yarn is so yummy.

    If you'll recall I asked you some time ago about the Licorice Whip pullover--well I just bound off for that. I'm happy because it's so cuddly but I wound up with about 50 ends to weave in. *grr*

  7. That looks so great on! Love it!

  8. The sweater is gorgeous! Well done. The zig-zag scarf is really cute. It will be so smiley to look at in the bleak of February.

  9. I am in loooove with your sweater. It may have been boring, but it looks absolutely stunning.

  10. Lovely! And the fit is perfect!
    I know about the boredom of stockinette stitches ... but it's good for watching TV and travelling. I just had that experience.

  11. Stockinette can be boring to death, but it's so neat it makes me happy. Glee turns out really cute, I think. And the neckline gaping are so even they actually look good.



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